Soviet Football Player and Ukrainian Coach Anatoliy Zayaev Dies in Car Crash

Soviet Football Player and Ukrainian Coach Anatoliy Zayaev Dies in Car Crash

Anatoliy Zayaev (Анатолий Заяев) was a Soviet football player and a Ukrainian football coach. On December 18, 2012 at the age of 81, Anatoliy Zayaev died in a car crash on a highway between Kharkov and Simferopol. For an unknown reason, Anatoliy Zayaev swerved his Honda CR-V into the oncoming lane and collided head on with a Mercedes 412D tow truck.

The Mercedes burst into fire, incinerating the driver, 52 year old resident of Zaporozhe inside. He’s the one pictured above cause he looks much cooler than Anatoliy Zayaev who’s corpse lies on the ground.

CR-V’s speedometer froze on the 170 km/h mark, indicating that the coach was driving it at a very high rate of speed. All of the vehicle’s airbags deployed but no airbag could save a human who travels at such high velocity and comes to a rapid stop. Even if airbags softened the impact, your internal organs would get crushed against the surrounding walls.

Two videos available. The first one shows the corpses of both drivers:

Second video shows mostly the wreckage the crash resulted in:

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