Spectator Hit by Drifter at Car Meet in Sacramento, California

Spectator Hit by Drifter at Car Meet in Sacramento, California

Spectator Hit by Drifter at Car Meet in Sacramento, California

The nighttime video was allegedly filmed at a car meet in Sacramento, California. It shows a wannabe drifter hitting an apparent spectator who had an apparent death wish and didn’t maintain reasonably safe distance.

I got no further backinfo. Props to Best Gore member @kaijusaurus for this one:

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37 thoughts on “Spectator Hit by Drifter at Car Meet in Sacramento, California”

  1. Ha I live 90 minutes away. Completely flatfooted. Should have made a better choice than to attend. Now, his mother has to explain to the state that she cant collect on his illegal dependant status. Awwwww

    1. This isn’t a rally event you fucking RETARD. Plenty of Americans are phenomenal drivers. Most people in other countries just can’t afford to drive a car because it’s too fucking expensive or congested. So unfortunately in the States we have more than a few dumbasses on the road.

  2. That’s smart. Have a crowd of people ten feet away from an out of control, speeding car.
    Seems like someone’s getting killed with drifting, and street racing quite often.
    Good for us, I suppose, if they keep the camera on the action.

  3. Its funny how America’s speed laws work because of the fact that most of the speed limit signs say 35 mph but the fucking cars they make now days go up to 270 mph like the fuck its not like I’m trying to do some fucking stock car racing with my vehicle I bought myself, America’s speed laws are just little off just a little……
    Anyways this guy must have hit one them hookers with the racing flags or maybe just some random clumsy nigger who got in the way.

      1. Okay boomer if I’m not mistaken your words in that comment make you sound like a Nigger or a (Wigger) which I wouldn’t be surprised, Also maybe its time you chill the fuck out maybe have some bedtime tea, Maybe a chill pill, Maybe a bedtime snack, Someone’s a little cranky today, Oh I know someone needs to sing you a good night sleep so them bedbugs don’t bite the fuck outta you, Maybe thats why it made you get all bitchy over a video, Your kind can’t even hold camera straight without trying to piss themselves, Comeback with something better to say, Your more of a waste of time than grandpa trying to scrub all that stained shit off his left ass cheek. 😉

  4. This was a show for that snow flake paul walker. https://www.natomasbuzz.com/2020/09/one-injured-during-large-sideshow-in-natomas/

    According to police one of the sideshow spectators ran toward the vehicle performing donuts and was struck by the vehicle. Video on social media shows the vehicle running over the spectator.

    Sacramento Fire Dept. personnel responded to the scene and the bystander, a young adult male, was transported to an area hospital.

    “The male sustained serious injury but is expected to survive,” police spokesperson Officer Karl Chan said.

    According to a family post to social media, the accident victim underwent several hours of surgery for his injuries and is reported to be in critical condition.

    “My son is fighting for his life,” the victim’s mother told The Natomas Buzz.

    The vehicle involved in the accident fled the scene and Chan said officers are still attempting to identify a suspect in the incident. Officers were able to issue two citations to drivers and one vehicle was towed, he said.

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