Speeding Driver Fatally Rear-Ends Motorcyclist in Luque, Paraguay

Speeding Driver Fatally Rear-Ends Motorcyclist in Luque, Paraguay

Speeding Driver Fatally Rear-Ends Motorcyclist in Luque, Paraguay

20 year old José Luis Rodríguez Miranda was aboard a pickup truck, traveling at high speed when he violently rear-ended 58 year old César Eduardo Álvarez Tonna, who was driving a motorcycle. The incident occurred occurred on the street Professor Tunesaburo Maquiguchi and Rodolfo González in the city of Luque, Paraguay.

The motorcyclist succumbed to the injuries caused by the crash and perished on the spot. Meanwhile, Rodríguez Miranda tried to lay the blame for the biker’s death on the biker himself, when he told the police that Álvarez Tonna “performed an imprudent maneuver” and then “entered again in the (right) lane” so he could not avoid the accident.

But whereas the section of the road is monitored by CCTV cameras, the police were able to review the footage of the accident which showed the truck flew down the road at a visibly excessive speed and did not attempt to brake or dodge the motorcyclist, who maintained a normal speed.

The driver was arrested and charged with involuntary homicide.

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34 thoughts on “Speeding Driver Fatally Rear-Ends Motorcyclist in Luque, Paraguay”

        1. Notice the stupider the driver, the newer & bigger the car?
          How could this idiot miss the motorbike when it was the only other moving thing on the whole fckn road??
          Brainless dick turtle!
          Wank womble!!…

  1. motocyclist wouldnt die if it happened here.

    wearing that combinaison every decent motocyclist wear will have protect him with no problem allowing him to enjoy a road sliding for free. (helmet inclued)
    that kind of accident happened soo much, still very rare someone die from it.

    but sure.. flip flop only wont protect you from a scorched slide 😛

    too bad no camera to see the car, look like it started some nice flips….

    1. maybe its just me, but it loko like the bike slowed down and started to turn.
      maybe its someone who live at this place (look like a fucking ranch or villa or something to have such camera all around like this)

      look like yup, shouldnt have been on the road..
      as weird the road is.. (wtf is that white lane that take 1/3 of the road on one side )

  2. Umm am I the only one that sees what the truck driver saw? Looks like knob on bike wanted to turn and changed his mind.

    Yeah the truck driver could have been traveling a tad slower but that’d be gay.

  3. You can see the car driver wanted to overcome the biker in the left lane, but the biker initially decided to switch to the left late to let him through. The car driver saw that and decided to get back into the right lane, at the same moment as the biker decided to get back to the right lane too.

    Moral of the story – If someone is caching up to you, always go right to avoid the collision.
    The car driver should still be punished though.

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