Speeding Motorcyclist Causes Fatal Accident in Front of Car with Dashcam

Speeding Motorcyclist Causes Fatal Accident in Front of Car with Dashcam

No backinfo. The video appears to be a footage from a dashcam mounted inside a car. There is a motorcycle with some people on it that passes the car by utilizing the other lane. But they get clipped and knocked down by a speeding biker who propels both himself and the other bikers into tumbles.

According to the info I got, the speeding biker died. In other words, he caused the fatal accident and ended up being the fatality. I did not have the condition of the other bikers confirmed. At least one seems to make it on his feet. The other one also appears to strike a posture suggesting conscious life.

If the above is the case, then Karma did good taking out the speeder/causer of accidents. But unfortunately the innocent bikers also suffered injuries and damage to their bike.

Sorry about the general slowness these days, guys. I’m in the period I told you about a few weeks ago. I don’t expect it to get better for at least the next 2 or 3 weeks. Though tomorrow I plan to do some shenanigans around the site that will require the freez of the code for a few minutes to hours, so while the site will be accessible, it will be in a read only mode. Our contact form is also down, so hit me up on mark [at] bestgore.com if you got something.

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          1. polluted….. Yes, I recall….. old guy on a bike on the sidewalk got wiped out by a van in a police chase……

            Yes, the old van-crash-through-wall-and-kill-person-on-couch tragedy….. happens with bullets too….. van is just a big bullet with a street as the firing range……

            I personally would not live near a street…. accident waiting to happen…..

          2. Casual Observer Lol..Yeah, they’ll probably make that bit into a garage being as there’s a van already parked there

          3. polluted….. Here’s the aftermath of the story….. can’t find nothing on-line for vids…… got an old VCR tape from news footage…. it was exactly 20 years ago……


            And the result….


            It says there were sirens….. there were no sirens at that point of the accident…. I would have heard….. I heard the loud banging as the van collided with a chauffeur-driven black Mercedes, absolutely totalled the front of the Jew canoe, left it dead in its tracks on the street all by itself, front totally smashed in, then the can spun over to the other corner and wiped out a bus stop, school soccer field there, then spun on down the street on the house side on the sidewalk tearing lawns and driveways and sending the old fella flying 100′ into hedges, and hitting parked vehicles and finally a school bus that got a car wedged under it propping the bus up like a jack….. lots of bangs like a steel garbage bin being dumped upside down….. I thought hmmm, that was weird sounds…… then the 4 underage kids took off running for the ravine and bike trails nearby…. THEN THE SIRENS started….. on and on and on from miles away….. so I went out a couple hours later and cops and reporters and news crews everywhere, streets shut down…. I thought must be a murder at the corner restaurant….. I hope my crush wasn’t killed…..

            But the old guy on the bike with the 2 dogs was a retired school teacher there…. taking the dogs to the park at the ravine behind the school…. 5 minutes before lunch…. when all those cute boys and girls would be out, grades 5 – 8….. coincidence or instant Karma…..

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