Speeding Porsche Hits Roadside Toilets on Highway in Greece

Speeding Porsche Hits Roadside Toilets on Highway in Greece

On a highway between Athens and Thessaloniki in Greece, a speeding Porsche lost control and slammed hard into roadside toilets near High Thebes on the way to Lamia, hitting a family that stopped to take a break. The CCTV video of the crash shows the area turn into a fireball upon impact.

According to the preliminary information, a family stopped at the roadside turnout because the driver needed to pee. He left to do his thing, while his wife with their 3 years old child waited for him in the Peugeot car.

As the father peed in the bathroom, the Porsche barrelled down the road at excessively high speed and slammed into their vehicle.

The mother with the baby were instantly killed. The two people on board the Porsche also died. One person was ejected and died on the road, the other burned in the car. The ejected person was a man, the person that burned was unrecognizable and authorities don’t yet know if it was a man or a woman. The man who went to pee survived.

Latest info from Greece has it that the Porsche driver was 24 years old George Vakakis, son of a successful businessman who owns the biggest chain of toy stores in Greece (Jumbo).

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107 thoughts on “Speeding Porsche Hits Roadside Toilets on Highway in Greece”

    1. So very true. It blows my mind how just because a person is rich, they think that they are above the law and all others. Most likely, if the driver did survive, he would’ve only got a slap on the wrist because his lawyer would argue that he was an important member of society and sadly, the judge would agree.

      1. i guess this guy was wealthy but you don’t have to be wealthy to own a porsche. we don’t even know what year or model it was. you can easily even buy a 5-6 year old 911 for 60-80 grand and less for a cayman for example like 40 grand.

      1. Because he disregarded the safety of others while barreling along for his own enjoyment and not thinking about the lives he could destroy including his own, if he were to lose control of his vehicle. His stupid actions caused someone elses family to forever feel the pain of a serious loss, losing years of work invested into a relationship, time raising a child all taken away in a flash due to stupid ignorant fucks like yourself who lack the ability to comprehend right from wrong

        1. @foxtops. so are really that stupid or are you trolling? his actions caused someones elses family ONLY to feel pain? rich people dont feel pain I suppose from loosing their kid? they must be a new species, the richus-immune-to-painus? hey numbnuts, all accidents happen because of mistakes (human/ mechanical or both at the same time). there isnt a country on earth where cars exist and car accidents dont happen. people like you are why our community is so fked-up. they cant see beyond their nose and acknowledge that we are talking about a young kid who makes the same kind of mistakes 99% of the population makes. I suppose if your family gave you a Porsche GT2 when you were young you would NEVER even think of going over the 65mph speed limit! oh no, NEVER! NOT YOU ! you would NEVER drive and text at the same time right? (cause this causes many deaths too)? Oh no NEVER, Not you!! You would never drive fast disregarding a few stop signs on some roads and not coming to a FULL STOP when late to work right? Oh No NEVER, NOT You! such dumbass ignorant comments never seize to amaze me, when you know for a FACT, that YOU are exactly if not worse then the kid you are bashing!

          1. This guy was selfish for speeding and not giving a fuck about anybody else. The only way this could have been justified if they needed to rush somebody to the hospital. His decision was outright selfish and costed two innocent human lives. I respect your opinion but I mean it boggles my mind how somebody can justify something like that. That’s basically justifying drunk driving because “They didn’t wanna kill anybody”. Condolences to his family who also have pay for selfish reasons.

          2. @MasterxKush98. I presume understanding what you read isnt your forte, so I will explain this in kindergarden words. see where I said ”kid who makes the same kind of mistakes”? right there Im saying it was a MISTAKE on his part. UNDERSTAND? that is NOT justifying anything! Im only adding that dumbasses like YOU are the type of people who do EXACTLY the same thing as HE did, then come in here and PRETEND they dont! thank you for proving what I said in my earlier post.

          1. Agree. German cars are good. I’m just pointing out that Porches often explode. Granted, they aren’t built like American or Japanese cars. That may be why? Engine placement and such? I wouldn’t turn one down – unless it was a Boxster πŸ˜‰

        1. Who says that it was the Porsche which caught fire? The Porsche crashes with his rear end into the rear end of the Honda Civic, so both fuel tanks had to stand very high pressures. I think thats the reason why there was fire at all. In high speed crashes its very likely that there will be fire. I guess this Porsche was originally driving with at least 200 Km/h or 120 mph. Maybe there was something slippery on the road or there was a slight corner, which caused the stupid driver to loose control over his toy. I doubt the resuld would’ve been different if he drove a Ferrari or Lamborghini or whatever sportscar.

          Maybe he drove a Porsche with a hybrid system and there was a lithium-battery in it. They are also flamable and tend to explode. Sometimes they catch fire without any external effect.

          1. We don’t see why he was skidding sideways. Maybe some other vehicle was the cause of that or he had a blowout.

            If you pause and play through the impact, what looks like a body just sort of appears at :10 in the road in front of the service building. It just looks like it was teleported in. At least I assume it’s a body. That’s what the white shirt guy then walks over to.

    1. I remembered this post too. You can really see parallels between the cases. Rich and entitled spoiled young people crashing on structures on the roadside. It reminds me also of a friend of mine going down at 190Km/h in a highway like a maniac, pressuring other cars to give way and so on, despite the fact me and another friend of mine in the car were telling him to slow down repeatedly and frantically. Luckily, we arrived safely that day, but I concluded that I wouldn’t travel with him again. Then, he called me one day saying that he had crashed his car on the highway and was lucky to have gotten out intact from the accident, that he could have even died. I wondered if the gene pool had lost the potential of being improved at that moment…

  1. Fuck I’ve only seen one real life car accident where the whole drive train of a car completely detached from vehicle and lands good 25yards away if not more…
    It was a brand new Mustang got hit by a speeding Honda believed to be doing over 100mph. A driver and a passenger died instantly….
    Video of the crash looks something similar to this video but without the fireball…


    1. Just thought I share the accident I was talking about in my above comment….
      And BTW accidents happen at least once maybe even twice a month on average in this specific intersection….
      I live two blocks away from accident, the surviving victim is homeboy’s brother he was coming back home from work and his family stays across the street from my house, not sure if thats where he stays too but I suppose since its the same street where accident happened
      Rialto ave,


  2. I found an article on the crash elsewhere and, while not quite Thai-Level-Awesome, there are some gems in there!

    Dead from the fierce conflict over parking.

    …when a Porsche diverted the course of the highway, left with the side in the street and fell like a rocket on a parked vehicle.

    Inside the car was stationary outside toilets in the parking lot…

    The two cars were converted into an amorphous, fiery, mass. (Okay, not really a bad translation, I just liked the way it sounded.)

    Hospital sources said that the dead driver of the car and not charred recognized gender achievements.

    …they lost and they their lives in unprecedented crash caused when their car out of control, ran into parked civic cutting filament life 33chrois mother and her son.

    Here’s the article. (PS: I just used the automatic translation program on my tablet/browser, no idea what it’s called.)

    >>> http://www.thepaper.gr/o-gios-tou-idioktiti-ton-jumbo-itan-stin-porse-sto-frikto-dystychima-stin-athinon-lamias/ <<<

  3. Since im from Greece here’s what Ive heard according to the news, dont know if its been already said in the comments but I might as well add it. The person that got burnt to a crisp was the son of the owner of the big company (Jumbo) George vakakis, and the person that was thrown off the vehicle was a close friend and associate with the business, Andreas Georkakopoulos. Pretty big incident, its all over the news. Now the car was indeed out of control, but witnesses said that the driver was already going at pretty high speeds, around 250 kilometers/hour.

  4. I do wonder why you guys call the car owner rich and spoiled. If it stated he was using his parents’ car, then I take it back. But I get the feeling you’d call anyone with a nice car rich and spoiled. Hey, if they earn it – more power to them.

    1. Looking at various reports, it seems to have been a rental car Porsche and was travelling over the 120 km limit for the road; I’d say the video of the car confirms that.

      George was, apparently, back for his holidays from a University in the US.

      Here’s a link to one of the reports with some arsebook images purporting to be of the late George Vakakis:


      There seems to be a sense of entitlement about him ………..

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