Speeding Motorcycle Accident Pictures

Speeding Motorcycle Accident Pictures

The first thing that came to mind after I’ve seen these pictures of a shredded motorcycle rider was Nikki Catsouras. Remember how general consensus was that pictures of Nikki Catsouras, however graphic and beyond gory, should be used at driver’s ed classes as deterrent of reckless driving and speeding? Well, these pictures should be shown to all people buying a motorcycle so they think twice before they rev up their steel horse to the max.

I don’t know where this accident took place, but I’m guessing somewhere in South East Asia. I also don’t know what caused the accident, but it looks like there’s a sharp curve at this part of the road which could have been difficult to steer through safely at high speed. Unless the rider hit the guard rails as he was speeding through.

Maybe he was on his way home from school, judging by the books. And maybe he’s a she, cause that white looking thing in the foreground kind of has an appearance of a girl’s shoe. The most confusing thing is the speed. All they ride for motorcycles in South East Asia are scooters that go a mighty good 40km/h or so (aka sometimes faster than bicycles).

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31 thoughts on “Speeding Motorcycle Accident Pictures”

  1. I could be wrong, but look at the “wet” tracks leading from his head toward the upper-right corner. Looks like the tracks of a dual-wheeled truck to me.

    Then look to the left of those tracks and it looks like a lighter version of the same thing where the other dual wheels would be.

    I bet this dude was hittin’ about a 100mph around that curve and met a truck head-on. He got “SCRAMBLED” like an egg in the process.

  2. OOOPS, let me revise my previous assumption: By looking at the size of the tires and the motor of this bike, it’s obvious that he wasn’t doin’ 100, more like 30, BUT-no telling how fast the TRUCK was going and how far it dragged him to this point. Look just below the front of the bike and you see “Drag Mark” on the pavement indicating the direction it was being dragged.

  3. Hey barb4777, I’m a mortician and WE DO get ’em like this. Although, I don’t think I’ve ever had one quite this messed up. We’ve had to scoop brains and other gooey stuff off the road, but the body is usually “SOMEWHAT” intact. THIS is trully GRUE.

  4. Hi Barb, NO WAY! If he was to be buried, He’d just be placed in a sealed body bag and lots of dessicant powder to hold down decomposition and odor, place it all in a sealed casket and then get him in the ground as soon as possible. You can refrigerate for a while but when they ar this messed up, immediate burial is preferred.
    More than likely, a body this torn up would be cremated. At least that is my experience.

  5. WOW!!!!! now that’s what I call a wipe out!!!!
    “Yea I think your right, licky-louie, this guy really looks like he took the front end of a truck going pretty damn fast….
    All most have to scrape him off the ground….

    ??? Golden moments,

  6. Nafarious- I’ve had to do a little “scraping up” myself from accidents. Had to walk around looking for brain matter and put it in a baggy along with other good bits and pieces like skull, teeth and chunks of flesh. A girl’s head got squashed in a roll-over.

    Hey Barb4777- The decomp begins almost immediatley. In hot, humid areas it comes faster. Like here in this photo. Although the odor doesn’t begin for some time. Takes a while for the bacteria to produce the gas that makes the smell. We had to pick up a guy that committed suicide in his car with windows rolled up in 100 degree temps. He was out in the country and no body found him for a week or so. You talk about a nasty, stinky, soupy mess, MANNN.

  7. licky-louie,, Wow,, that must have bin a (Golden moment)
    right there,,, 😉 Damn,, I guess that would have one hell of a mess to clean up… So did you have to put that one together again??
    If so,, sorry to hear about that,, Must have taken some time…. Well good weekend, have a cold one.. 😀

    ??? Golden moments,

  8. Yeppers, it was a mess. No. We didn’t even try to fix him. That is just too far gone. After the autopsy we got him back in a sealed body bag. The smell was still overwhelming through the bag. We had to open the bag, pour in about 10 pounds of dessicant powder to help absorb the “soup” and hold down the odor a little.

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