Speeding Motorcycle Runs Into a Truck at 200 Km Per Hour

Speeding Motorcycle Runs Into a Truck at 200 Km Per Hour

I see one motorcycle helmet, but even if both people riding were wearing one, they wouldn’t be of much help. If a body is moving at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour and comes to a full stop in a fraction of a second, the organs are doomed regardless of whether you’re wearing protective clothing or not. These two fellows came to a full stop after their speeding motorcycle got in a way of a truck:

Damage on a Truck: bent bumper, driver just fine
Damage on a Motorcycle: beyond repair, rider and passenger totally obliterated

If you take a close look at the truck, it looks as though there was a helmet stuck in the grill. It’s possible that rider was wearing one, but may not have had it fastened – cause why would you fasten your helmet if you’re gonna ride at plain 20 km/ph?

Gallery of photos of a mess after a motorcycle ran into a truck at 200 km per hour is below. What a mess!

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15 thoughts on “Speeding Motorcycle Runs Into a Truck at 200 Km Per Hour”

  1. “white chalky looking stuff?”
    Consider it a type of cat litter, to soak up the blood and to provide grip so no one slips in it.
    Last photo, state sheriff deputy dresses like one of ours in Ohio, unless they all dress that way across the US?

  2. Ya its a liquid absorber, I use it at work for oil/gas/diesel leaks but it works for everything. What a fuckin crash though. Havent seen a head explosion like that from an vehicle accident in awhile.
    Good pics

  3. Uhhh, hate to disagree… but the white stuff isn’t “absorbant powder.” it is from a fire extinguisher. The dudes and the bike were on fire from the crash. Somebody put ’em out. Bike’s gast tank obviously was ruptured and WHOOOOOOOSH!

    I LUV the “Twisted Limbs.” and that GAPING CANYON in the dude’s skull. WOW.

  4. The police cruiser reads “Policia Federal” (federal police) it is the standard color for the “Policia federal de caminos” or (Federal Highway patrol) the uniform also matches, besides the ambulance reads (ambulancia) in spanish

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