Speeding Motorcyclist Earns Himself Compound Fracture of Lower Leg

Speeding Motorcyclist Earns Himself Compound Fracture of Lower Leg

All I know about this video is that a speeding motorcyclist crashed and suffered a nasty compound fracture of his lower leg. It happened in Indonesia.

There is one more victim further away laying on the ground. The camera moves on to him later in the video. Not sure who he is, but he clearly doesn’t appreciate being filmed when he can’t even move yet the cameraman keeps pointing the camera at him anyway. A bit inconsiderate, especially since the guy can’t walk away or turn around or otherwise protect his privacy. Maybe he’s a pedestrian the motorcyclist hit when he crashed? Or a passenger? No idea…

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19 thoughts on “Speeding Motorcyclist Earns Himself Compound Fracture of Lower Leg”

  1. What is the world coming to when a grown man can’t get a little footloose without somebody filming his every move.

    He will no doubt lose that foot now because the people around him would rather film his pain than try to help, I at least hope that they called for an ambulance, they would have had to have been very miserable bastards to not have.

  2. Some people suck! That guy was probably in a lot of pain. I’m sure the initial adrenaline wears off fairly quick. On the flip- at least he somewhat landed in the shade! Could you imagine the blinding sun in his face on top of having that leg injury?!

  3. Doesn’t matter where you are in the world. You can tell by the old black(ish) guy’s reaction to the cameraman’s voice that the guy filming is a total cunt.

    Woulda been nice if they bulled out a big bag of drugs from the backpack or something though.

  4. Doesn’t matter where in the world you are. You can tell by the old black(ish) dude’s reaction that the cameraman is a total asshole.

    Woulda been nice if they pulled out a sack of drugs or something from the backpack though!

  5. YEP, just another video of cold fuckin retards standing around filming. How they could do that baffles me to say the least. D,ont they have one ounce of empathy , or sympathy for these helpless victims ? 🙁

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