Speeding Motorcyclist Literally Drives Through Taco Bell in Louisiana

Speeding Motorcyclist Literally Drives Through Taco Bell in Louisiana

It doesn’t get any more “Drive Through” than this:

On February 18, 2006 a man riding a Suzuki GRS 1000 at a high rate of speed down Jefferson Hwy (LA 48) failed to negotiate a curve, left the roadway and flew into a Taco Bell located at the intersection of Jefferson Highway and Upstream Street. Because he was traveling at approximately 100 – 120 mph, the impact carried him through the front of the Taco Bell building and out of it through the west side – he drove right through.

The motorcyclist who was identified as 21 year old Ricky Lee Villers of River Ridge, Louisiana, died on the scene of the accident. It doesn’t look like he wore a safety helmet. It’s always a good idea to travel in excess of 100 mph on a motorcycle without a helmet. Dumbass.

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the pics:

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34 thoughts on “Speeding Motorcyclist Literally Drives Through Taco Bell in Louisiana”

  1. I’d rather say that driving in excess of 100 mph actually entitles you to drive without a helmet because it won’t help you anyway in case of an accident unless you fall off the bike on a perfectly straight stretch of the road without any other vehicles, guard rails, vegetation or elevation around you. Then you would only have to deal with a bad case of road rash…

  2. I used to love Taco Bell i went there since i was like 2, 3, years old just to eat their delicious hard shell tacos but last time i went last year three crunchwrap supreme almost kill me i’m lucky i didn’t die since then i never go there anymore i’m paranoid of the high sodium they have to offer which sucks ass cause the food it’s so damn good that guy couldn’t wait to get his gorditas & enchirritos so delicious yet deadly 😡

  3. Haha Hilarious Title and drive throught comment! XD

    haha worst Taco Bell ever, theres pieces of people everywhere…
    no no

    The pieces of rottening human flesh everywhere makes the Mexican Food experience all the more Authentic! hahaha!

  4. I live not far from where this happened…passed by it many times

    the taco bell was closed down for renovations at the time…

    he was running from the police on bike night which is every wednesday

    he was going well over the 100-120 as posted…he hit a very sharp curve for those speeds, went through the front, hit the roof and top wall and exited the side

    they spray painted the building with “RIP Slick Rick” apparently rick wasnt too slick

    its a starbucks now, google the property if you want

    PROPS to #Bestgore cuz i been looking for pics forever

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