Speeding Motorcyclist Mows Down Woman on Crosswalk in Singapore

Speeding Motorcyclist Mows Down Woman on Crosswalk in Singapore

Singapore is the safest country in Asia and one of the safest in the world. Thanks to its tight gun laws, the homicide incidence is minimal but unfortunately, it’s still an Asian country so vast majority of drivers operate motor vehicles in violation of DWA.

This accident happened on December 22, 2012 – mere 3 days before Christmas and this idiotic DWA motorcyclist ignored the red light and plowed through an intersection at high rate of speed, mowing a woman on a crosswalk brutally down. The woman suffered multiple internal injuries and a broken spine. She will most likely end up paralyzed forever, spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair. All because of one arrogant motorcyclist. Why couldn’t he fly into a wall instead, rendering himself paralyzed so nobody else needs to fear for their life with him on the road. Fucking piece of shit.

Props to Best Gore member defi4nc3 for this hot off the press video:

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37 thoughts on “Speeding Motorcyclist Mows Down Woman on Crosswalk in Singapore”

  1. Hey all, i’ve been casually lurking around the site for a few weeks and just decided to join…guess i’m the f.n.g for now. Anyway, that will have to pass for my introduction. Btw, be safe and stay out of crosswalks when in thailand (or mexico for that matter)!

  2. To Mark and every one here on BG Marry Christmas 🙂

    Had to watch the video a few times to see if the biker ever stopped. Nope, but he did hit his breaks a few times indicating that he knew full well what he did and just didn’t give a flying fuck.
    Given the fact that this happened in Singapore he going to be one sorry ass dickhead once the law catches up with him as Singapore don’t mess around with losers who leave the scene of an accident.

  3. Even if he ended up the victim of his own arrogance and became paralyzed, his family probably would have helped him immigrate to the United States of America or at least nearby China or Japan where they would help create a device to help him move. He’d probably get back on the motorcycle and keep going.

  4. oh btw, the rider had been arrested by the police. He actually turned back to the accident scene. He did not hit and run. In Spore, you can hardly escape because everywhere on the road you are being watched… Thank God!

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