Speeding Motorcyclist Ripped In Half After Hitting Light Post

Speeding Motorcyclist Ripped In Half After Hitting Light Post

I don’t have much info about this video, but it looks like it happened in Brazil. The motorcyclist was allegedly speeding way in beyond what could be considered safe, riding in excess of 220 km/h, lost control of his motorcycle and ran into a concrete light post. The impact ripped him in half.

It’s amazing how you can’t see any blood oozing out of his top or bottom halves. Another thing you can’t see are his flip flops. Must have flown far, far away. His sorry legs are laying there spread like an eagle bare foot.

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  1. He said the speedometer was ripped off from the motorcycle and the speed at which he crashed stayed recorded there. 220 km/h is quite fast, my car doesn’t go that fast. On the other hand, it was an instantaneous death, so he felt nothing.

  2. What a bunch of nutters !
    All crowded around the bike, bent over , hands on knees checking it out.
    WE would of been looking at the body. Some of us at the legs and the others at the torso . Then change over.

      1. @obli
        You are a Capricorn , the same as Jesus. Lol.
        I always thought that having a b’day this close to all the festivities would be a bit of a downer.
        People are brasic lint (skint) about now and have worn holes in their dancing shoes.
        I bet you could party in a phone box sir!

  3. These guys are discursing about the speed he was riding his hell’s horse. The speedometer stoped at 220 km/h, which means nothing.

    I can not say I am sorry for him, because every idiot that ride a motorcycle does not have any respect for himself or traffic rules, so all I can say is WELL DONE!

  4. As a rider I say “anyone in traffic riding with disregard for the safety of others deserve what they get.”

    But there are some of us who respect the right of others to be on the road and would like a bit of respect as well in return.
    Cheers and thanks for the gore

  5. What should not be overlooked is the fact that his helmet did its job and protected his noggin…!
    If only he had been using his noggin with some common sense logic as in speed + motorcycle = death…
    Perhaps he would be getting laid instead of being laid out..

  6. I almost felt guilty thinking he was just some poor random, until I saw the speed he was going. Be grateful he only killed himself and not some innocent person or more importantly kid.
    I don’t think a dude deserves to die for speeding but for fuck sake he clearly wasn’t concerned with the safety of anyone else. Karma is a cunt lol

  7. We may see right there just how important it is to always wear a helmet. His head was totally unharmed, after all. LOL
    It’s also a living proof (oops, not quite) that wearing a helmet does NOT make you stronger or able to take wise decisions.

  8. Also, being Brazilian myself, I feel totally ashamed by those ignorant persons who always meddle with the accident scenes. Granted, most of those ‘flip flop wearers’ – as you generically call us, Brazilians – come from the northeastern states of Brazil. Or from the ghettos, slums or very very poor neighborhoods in Rio.

    1. oh, so the people featured in these videos ARE stupid fucking retarded, disease-spreading, drug-addicted criminals? because of where the majority of these vids come from. so our “generalization” of them would be…CORRECT.
      now i don’t feel bad pissing all over them.

      i’m just kidding! i never felt bad for it. 🙂

  9. Unlike some other people here i cant help but to feel sorry for the guy,sure he was speeding..but which one of us hasnt? Sure there are speed limits,but we have car companies propagandingh their machines with their speed and perfomance etc,sure its illegal to drink and drive,but we have bars and clubs open through all hours of the night.

    I had a preety bad acident leaving a club few years ago,luckaly i was alone and walked off with minor scratches,had someone been with me like usslay were they werent been so lucky.I was drunk,it was 5 in the morning and i was speeding down the avenue like an asshole because i wanted to see how fast that car can go. Maybe i had a guardian angel,or maybe i was just very lucky,either way im still here and that poor bastard is gone,so i cant help but to feel sorry for them.

    1. well no shit,going 220 km an hour dont count on a helmet to save you,they are good for other purposes,you ride around,cruising regular speed you have a incovenience rather than smash your horns on the floor you have a a helmet on that might help you…but dont count on a helmet to save you from pure human stupidity 😛

  10. Blood vessels will clamp down hard in trauma accidents like this to prevent blood loss. As the muscles relax in death, the blood will then slowly ooze out since its now had time to coagulate.

  11. My brother died on his motorcycle at 23. He was doing 70 in a 25mph zone as he came up and over a hill and couldn’t stop in time at the bottom and went thru it and hit a car. Bike windscreen caught him under the helmet and took the top of his head/helmet off. Then he flew into the car doorjam and bashed in the back of his skull. Dead in five minutes. Not fun to read how he died. Still not fun to reflect on it after forty years. I rode a big dresser for ten years and 80,000+ miles and never even came close to having an accident. It’s not the bike, it’s the biker. I know that sounds like a gun nut motto but it’s true.

  12. Good! All Bikers should LEARN A LESSON from this! I am so fucking sick and tired of those Bikers who bypass us drivers, tail gating us and etc. Just go die already NOT FUCKING COOL AT ALL MOTHERFUCKING BIKERS!

  13. You must live in an area with really bad bikers because in the ten years I rode and 80,000 miles I covered going cross-country, I met nothing but the nicest bikers; helpful, generous and fun people. I’m no radical biker; just a guy on his bike w trailer enjoying the outdoors. Never was given the finger, a horn or a bad word. People in their cars always came over to gawk at the bike and ask questions. You, sir, are the rarity and one with a really bad attitude.

  14. The reason you don’t see blood flowing out is because the second a person dies their heart stops pumping blood. When blood is gushing out that means the heart is still beating, aka pumping blood. Obviously this poor gentleman died quickly.

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