Speeding SUV Driver Causes Fatal Accident in Karachi, Pakistan

Speeding SUV Driver Causes Fatal Accident in Karachi, Pakistan

Speeding SUV Driver Causes Fatal Accident in Karachi, Pakistan

At least one person was killed and three injured after a sports utility vehicle rammed into a passenger car at a traffic intersection in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) area of Karachi, Pakistan.

The CCTV footage of the accident shows a white SUV coming towards the traffic intersection at a speed which police estimate exceeded 80 kilometers per hour, when a black Honda Civic entered the intersection from its left.

The SUV rammed the Honda, which caused it to fly through the air to land on the oncoming lane, narrowly missing commuters on several motorcycles and one car.

According to police, a person named Arsalan was driving the white SUV and was injured in the crash. He was taken to custody for violating the traffic rules.

A person named Imran, an owner of a vehicle showroom who was driving the Civic, died in the accident. His wife, who was on the passenger seat is in a hospital but is expected to recover.

Props to Best Gore member @siray for the videos. First the CCTV capturing the crash:

Video 1 of the aftermath:

Video 2 of the aftermath:

Video 3 of the aftermath:

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  3. The sad part is the guy in the white SUV is Absolutely fine and have no problem. The poor husband & wife in the black Honda were critically injured and the husband later succumbed to his injuries.

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    1. When ever I see general Indian society (Pakistani’s are basically Muslim Indians) It always looks chaotic and in cohesive. Even the language sounds like a an abrasive mess. The way they handle the victims in the streets of Pakistan or India is so different to western “White” countries. The way they pick people up etc. It’s subtle but also crystal clear. I have seen many accidents and I always notice the difference.

      Technically on paper, everything seems the same. People are hurt and are gathered up and put in Ambulence and transported to hospital. But if you see this happen in say Germany or Denmark or Boston or France or Bristol, and compare it to anywhere in Pakistan or continental India, it’s so different!

      Has anybody here worked in A&E in both the US/Europe and Pakistan/India ? If yes, can you say if everything happens in a very similar way in A&E in terms of how people are handled/treated etc. I’m not really talking about the competency of the actual treatment/ drugs administered, but more the respect and concerned handling of people by complete strangers. This is from a social cohesion point of view?

      1. dannydematio
        Very well said B G Brother. And although I Myself have never worked in A&E In any way, shape, or form, i would be also be interested also in hearing their point of view, or perspective on the matter at hand.

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