Speeding Thai Motorcyclist Wraps Head with Helmet Around Fence Post

Speeding Thai Motorcyclist Wraps Head with Helmet Around Fence Post

This video is from some kind of gore movie. The producers must have been new to gore if they couldn’t tell that this is from Thailand not Japan. They even attached a story about a Japanese actor who killed himself on a motorcycle which has nothing whatsoever to do with the accident in this video. WTF, bunch of newbs! Can’t fool the S.O.B.’s – we know our gore. We know that posing for family album photos with corpses is so very Thai, it can’t be mistaken for anything else. Though I somehow miss pointers in this video.

This Thai motorcyclist ran into a fence post at such high rate of speed, his skull along with safety helmet he was wearing cracked like egg shells smashed against rocks. That created an opportunity for Thai medics to play with brain matter stuck between fence post and chain link. One came to feel it with his bare hands. He gently squeezed it between his finger like normal men squeeze woman’s breasts. Makes you wonder if he popped a woody playing with it.

Faces of Gore my ass. More line Clueless About Gore:

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61 thoughts on “Speeding Thai Motorcyclist Wraps Head with Helmet Around Fence Post”

  1. “.. still, one can only shutter to think of what would’ve become of him, had he not been wearing this helmet.”
    Au contr?re .. I’d love to see the endresult of helmetless head vs. fence post.

          1. @ Trooper, you should watch them all. I did, twenty years or so ago, wow, I’ve been into this morbid sh** for longer than I thought, haha!! Actually there are “Faces of Death” and another series, just called “Death Faces” Pretty awesome stuff.

        1. @Trooper, they do some footage out in the wilderness of Peru, though you are a BG fan, I have to warn you, some of the contents are really really……well just say, keep a bucket nearby… πŸ˜‰

  2. Ah! Such theatrics in a gore video! I got enough of that from the second Rambo movie earlier tonight. I like my visually-stimulating-gore nice, and amateur-ish. Still, it was fun to watch. Lessons learned from the Ewoks: It doesn’t have to make sense as long as you had fun watching it.

  3. you can clearly see thai writing on the back of the vehicle at the beginning of the video :/ noobs. the narrator, whoever came up with the fake japanese story and music should’ve been the ones to wrap THEIR heads around a pole.

        1. Hah!

          I have yet to decide whether I want to or not.

          In any case. I am not taking a picture with my shitty camera phone. I would rather wait until my parents get one of those SLRs (The camera. Not the rifle). When they get married.

          Which is in November.

          *Tongue out*

          1. “I would rather wait until my parents get one of those SLRs (The camera. Not the rifle). When they get married.

            Which is in November.”

            ‘fast-workers’ and ‘priorities’ are just two words that don’t spring to mind.

          2. @Pam.

            Aha! It ought to be good. But as I say. Me and some of my mates are going to hit Dublin sometime in the future. Probably as a pre-Christmas piss up/ Going away prezzie for me.

            So you are welcome to join in if you want.


            I have always been wary of where my picture lands. Especially on the interweb.

            Plus I have shit loads going on over the rest of this year.

            Ah that reminds me. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. I will be going offline for a couple of weeks starting the 3rd.

            Work reasons.

          3. @Pam.

            Just saved your email.

            I shall send you my ‘load’ now. Don’t worry… It is free of ‘viruses’.



            Dont fret my dear!

            I can’t see myself just upping and leaving this site. I’ll upload some piccy later.

          4. @ glenn

            i live in london ontario canada….although im planning on running away and reinventing myself with a new identity very shortly….thinking about being a Sasha (said with a deep breathy voice) or something like that.

            @tom & razor & everyone!
            heck im getting in on this act….send me pics…send me love…send me whatever…lol..just dont send me a virus! πŸ™‚
            [email protected]

          5. @Ali.

            I am getting all the girlies’ details today!

            As I said to Razor. I will email you a piccy in a tic. Just on a coach at the moment.

      1. All this talk, I am beginning to want a picture too, however, since it would be relatively low class to request one so soon into our social networking relationship(there has to be a shorter way of saying that), I will not ask for one. But in a few months, don’t be surprised if I do…! πŸ™‚

  4. I feel sick to my stomach. Maybe it was the combination of the dramatic music with the slimey sounds and close up pictures of them scooping brain matter. Right before they put him in the body bag you see his head has like a sort of streched form.

    Oh, one more thing: WTF 1998??!! They had better cameras back then than the cartels still have…nice quality!

  5. That guy messed up his face good. Looked like he got stuck to the fence while he was kissing the pole. I almost laughed when the narrator said they needed a crowbar to loosen the guy from the pole.

    Don’t know if the Humpty-Dumpty nursery rhyme insert was necessary but it humored the situation at least a little a bit. Lucky guy also got to touch brains with his bare hands, I might be a little envious if it weren’t for the fact that you could get a disease from exposure to tainted blood.

  6. MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAA…these are….the ..faces…of….GORE!!! Dont even ask…i have not a clue what im doing. As they were wrenching at the poor chaps head i had visions of popping the heads off of dandilions……seriously….

    just felt i would share that πŸ™‚

  7. Wow this is the sickest video I have ever seen.
    His head is actually split in two, one bit loosely flapping, and the head casing is completely damage, all the contents vacated out.

    Jesus couldn’t he have ridden his motorbike a little slower?
    This very instant he could be sipping hot tea and eating a sandwich in a cafe, if he hidden had that accident. Life is a bitch, huh.

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