Strange Pedestrian vs Van Accident Caught on Dashcam in Russia

Strange Pedestrian vs Van Accident Caught on Dashcam in Russia

Caught on dashcam in Russia – a somewhat strange accident in which both the pedestrian and the van tried to dodge each other but snow covered roads made the collision unavoidable.

The woman just got off a bus and rushed to get across the road. The car with the dashcam stopped because it had the woman in clear sight. The oncoming UAZ-33962 van got a sudden surprise when the woman rushed into his path.

You can tell from the video that as soon as the van driver spotted the woman, he tried to slow down but the icy road made braking less effective. The woman, who also slowed down after she’d noticed the van interpreted the van’s attempt to stop as a green light for her to continue across. The rest was neither the woman nor the van knowing which way to go to effectively dodge each other and a result was a ram.

27 year old woman had to be hospitalized with intracranial injury, closed fracture of the main phalanx and two finger of the left hand, bruised chest, injured coccygeal of the spine and cracked left shin.

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  1. What an idiot! I hate people like that who just walk in front of cars and there are PLENTY of them here in Southern California where everybody thinks the world revolves around them. We have an inside joke in my family where we call out how many points if we run over them.

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