Strange Road Rage Incident Results in Car Speeding Off with Guy Holding Onto Trunk

Strange Road Rage Incident Results in Car Speeding Off with Guy Holding Onto Trunk

Strange road rage incident took place in the parking lot of the Zia Record Exchange at 19th Avenue and Camelback Road in Phoenix, Arizona. A confrontation between a gay looking ‘fro man, and passengers in a white car (including a shirtless dude), lead to the driver reversing into the ‘fro man, before speeding off with him clinging onto the trunk mounted spoiler.

24 year old Justin Finch reportedly survived with just scrapes and bruises. Police say no arrests were made because everybody refused to press charges.

The gay man Finch admitted he slammed one of the guys from the vehicle to the ground, but says it was in response to them using gay slurs. The passengers however say they were attacked first. Mother of one of the passengers is gay, and lives in a gay relationships. She said her son grew up in a gay friendly home and would never utter gay slurs.

The most shocking bit about the video – it’s recorded in landscape! WTF homie bitch? You forgot how to properly hold yo’ Iphone like a liberal retard, and how to scream “Worldstar”?

Oh my God! Yo! Oh my God! Oh my God! Baby! Baby! Baby!

I swear if Arabs are watching English language videos, they must think our vocabulary is so limited, all we are capable of saying are a few limited version of English snackbar.

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    1. That was definetly here in USA lol.. I honestly seen someone get shot in person and Ive almost killed a rival. Ive seen my uncle get ran over worst than this, My growing area made me into a gore junky even after I saw somneone get shot first hand…

    1. Speaking about niggers,I just blew ass really loud ,haha my,
      Lil buddy ( my cat)jumped up in fear ..I couldn’t stop laughing..haha I guess he saw the video too .niggers scares him..I had to apologize to him..haha

      1. Haha, wouldn’t surprise me @bobcat.
        Those baboons at Knowsley are crazy, the car in front of me got torn to bits. My youngest.. 4yrs old back then, ended up crying her eyes out when half a dozen baboons jumped our car !

  1. Lmao!!!! There reactions are Priceless! Under different set of circumstances I willingly rode on top of a car but the windows were rolled down in the front I held onto The inner top but my left hand fingers where shut in the top part of the door the driver and passenger were none the wiser The muffler was loud we were going 80 down a to two track bouncing around in the middle of the woods mud and sticks flying everywhere at 2am I’m hanging on so I don’t Roll off and lose my fingers that were stuck in the door after 20 minutes of this we finally stopped the doors open and I got off my “ride” with my fingers intact with no broken bones and we all laughing like hell! Would I do it all over again? Fuck Yeah!

  2. LMAO !!! Suge Knight would have Squashed that shit !!!
    He was riding in style at the end there.
    He locked up to the back of that car like 2 dogs when they get locked up.

  3. The funny this is that no matter you record blacks, up north, down south, east coast, west coast, they all sound exactly the same with all the same limited vocabulary. Its amazing. They repeat everything fifteen times, man you trippin, he’s all like naw man I aint trippin you trippin,,,Im like maaaan that’s a bunch of boo sheet, u trippin mutha fuka! Anyway, did anyone else see that the swamp turtle shit his pants? It looks like he gave birth to one of his relatives if you look close enough…

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