Stray Dog Takes Out Biker with Child, Bike Catches Fire

Stray Dog Takes Out Biker with Child, Bike Catches Fire

A peculiar accident was caught on a CCTV camera in what I presume is Latin America, but don’t know for sure.

The video shows a pair of stray dogs cutting off a motorcyclist. One of them takes the biker down, revealing that he traveled with a child. Both the biker and the child appear to survive, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the dog. The bike then catches fire.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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104 thoughts on “Stray Dog Takes Out Biker with Child, Bike Catches Fire”

          1. @doc-undy they also like for adrenaline to be pushed into the blood before death so while you drink it you get a rush of adrenaline. Extremely normal in human sacrifice and monkeys. Not sure if it works with dogs. Best Idea is to harvest the pineal gland (for an influx of neurotransmission) or any of the adrenal glands. Have fun with that at home kids, catch you a monkey

          2. Yap… adrenaline is a stress hormone.

            Pineal gland may give you some dimethylamine (DMT) to send you on a little trip …. but then again…

            If you want even more fun you could go for the adrenal glands above the kidneys. Get you some adrenochrome but don’t take too much or you head’s gonna explode maaan!

          3. Nemesis

            From what I’ve read about the annual dog meat festival in Yulin, Guangxi, China, it began only in 2009. From this very recent shift to deliberate animal cruelty in the quest for ‘taste’, I’m at a loss to understand what inspires those cunts. To purposely inflict so much pain and suffering into a sentient creature defies any rational logic in what we would consider the civilised world. I’m a vegan and dog lover, this is a topic that disturbs me much more than seeing some drug addled fucker get carved up daily on this site.

    1. Poor fucking dog being chased by the white bigdog!!!!

      Poor waste of dog lives fuck the bike riders….. I don’t give a shit about them

      They kill anything that really lives for their own well being or their own profits

        1. Bullying is animalistic. My point is proven. So to humans quit being tards. Oh shit sorry handicap people I should say quit being stupid. Oh shit sorry Mr trump. Aw fuck it keeps going I can’t stop my self. Oh well duh ta duh.

  1. That dog was chased by the white dog and ran into the path of the bike. I was thinking China but then again if it was the kid would have been run over by the car then reversed over just to make sure

    1. Looks to me, the black dog actually waiting for something to chase. It turned around hearing a bike coming then decided to start playing around. The white dog probably saw the bike a bit later and started catching up.

  2. Driver that pass through like he just saw nothing is the biggest pussy ever.
    -Not being even curious? How can he just pass like nothing happened is…I don’t know man, big f’ckin’ rebus.

    Maybe i am dramatic but, what kind of man(!) continue without his, God written urge in blood to protect and help weaker? It is in our genes for fuck sake.

    Perhaps driver was women?

    1. Btw, there is no “stray” dogs because dogs are tight to territory. They will stay in the same one to the rest of their life if people are nice to them or just, if there’s no danger to be there. Once they stay, it’s forever. They leave it only when they can’t deal with danger(other heard or people).
      In this case, they just wan’t to scare&push motorbike out of their territory. They are stupid but what can you do..
      When i ‘m on bike and dog run on me, it comes from side and i just raise hand to scare it and it works.

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