Street CCTV in Brazil Captures Car Running Over Thief With Gun

Street CCTV in Brazil Captures Car Running Over Thief With Gun

Street CCTV in Brazil Captures Car Running Over Thief With Gun

In a street of an undisclosed place in Brazil captures a hit and run. Don’t feel too bad for the individual for he is a low life street thief.

One road thief of two darts out in traffic, waits for brakes applied to rob drivers’ at gun point. The action starts at 00:39 when second driver refuses to stop or slow down. I imagine driver says, “fuck you, I have a car!” and drives right over him.

The street robber becomes one with the road. He is severely injured if not killed. The partner in crime is courteous and moves him out of harms way before ditching him. Moral of the story is never piss Ms. Karma off, she is very predictable and unforgiving.

Props to Best Gore member @bunecao for the video:

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          1. @snafu69 Precisely.

            I don’t think there will be a long line of mourners when his tribe throw his sorry carcass in the dumpster.

            I doubt if there will be any people crying for his lost soul and hollerin’ “Praise da Lord!” for all them good things the rotten gun-totin’ thief did for the world for the brief time he was here.

            No loss.

  1. I had a guy hop out at a stoplight to get his rifle from the bed of his truck and assemble it right there in the street with intent to “shoot us for tailgating”. My brother said “cut his legs off at the bumper!” but I was worried of a manslaughter charge, so I threw it in reverse and bounced the FUCK OUT.

    1. They should include this manoeuvre in the driving test.
      Emergency brake ok yes.
      But also , ‘emergency run over a thieving little brown shit in the road when it’s attempting to hijack you’.
      They could use polystyrene mannequins in the test so as not to damage the car.

          1. You can buy black mannequins. It goes without saying they behave just like the real deal. They don’t move out of the way for anything.

            The best thing is they won’t smudge your vehicle, once again, like the real deal.

        1. I put two niggers up in the air years ago.
          After they tried to rob me.
          I saw them a few minutes later when I was back in my car.
          I took em both out,
          Hit them with the front corner so they didn’t land on the windscreen.
          They were standing unaware in a side road as I approached.
          I was only doing about 30mph cos I saw them at the last moment, so I didn’t have time to build up more speed.
          They were standing in line with my approach so I took em both out, up in the air and to the left and I quickly turned right and on my way feeling great. I had two pals in the car with me.
          The car was completely undamaged as I hit them with the hardest part, the front corner.
          But I panicked and blew the car up later that night, cos I was worried about the cops.
          But I checked all the local papers for the next two weeks and there was no report of the incident.
          I think they were already wanted by the cops so they probably didn’t report.
          But I can Guarantee it was a hospital job for both of the scummy niggers.
          So I blew the car up needlessly. It was a crap car anyway.
          But fuck dam. What a great feeling.
          It was a brilliant move by me and i should have got a fucking iron cross for that. Lol

      1. @obersturmbannfuhrer

        I think you are totally on the money here.

        That driver had either thought out this manoeuvre in advance… or done it before.

        He took that brown turd right under the front bumper without so much as a scratch on the bodywork or a splash of expelled body fluids on the paintwork.

        This was beautiful. Thank God for CCTV.

        In fact it IS beautiful and shall remain so. A work of Art is a joy forever.

      1. I do it to Massholes every summer a few times, then I piss myself laughing at the crazy scared look on their face. I’m hoping for a good settlement, because when they hit me, I will fall out of my truck screaming in agony as I roll around on the ground. 😉

        1. Ikr? Funny to see their reaction. The last time I did it was at the end of May, my stepdad was in hospice and I was taking care of him because my mother was in the hospital. I would stay at their house all night then go home in the morning to shower and change, then go right back. Well, this asshole was riding my ass so I brake checked him… just to get him to back off. Didn’t work so, I slammed on my brakes and he swerved to the right and wound up in the ditch. I jumped out of my car and started hobbling over to him. He puts it in reverse and picks up his phone and yells “I’m calling the police”! as he’s flooring it backwards. I yelled back “Next time stay off my fuckin ass”! When I turned to go back to my car he shot around me like a rocket. I bet he went right home and changed his shorts. 😀

      2. I drove company Class 6 truck illegally for two months when we fucked up an automotive program and I had to ship airport deliveries just-in-the-nick-of-time and then monitor quality.

        It was amusing. No one fucked with me on those 90 miles out and back. I took a few liberties. I’m not a perfect person.

      3. I never tailgate. We were in stop and go traffic. The guy was crazy.
        I even have a decal that says “the closer you get, the slower I go” on the left side of my bumper, and “FREE BRAKE CHECKS” on the right side back window.

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    1. Another funny thing about this video was toward the end. His lowlife buddy pulling him to the side of the road. I imagine he saw the next car coming, and decided this muthafucka may not be playing games either.

      You couldn’ve staged this one any better. 🙂

  2. This kind of bullshit is popular in England. Young fuckers intenionally hit cars in order to get insurance or money from drivers. They make it look like an accident and when the police arrive, they blame those drivers who hit them. This way some of them make a lot of money risking their lives like that. But if someone’s got a dashcam, then those youngsters are fucked by all means 😀

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          1. Holy fuck did I really just type that?… my bad S.S, Friday after work and I felt like grabbing a bottle of jack… lol. I’m gonna put this fuckin phone away and take my drunken lunatic self somewhere else now lol.

  3. I Guess The Locals Know Not To Fuck Around In That Neighborhood. And If They Have To Drive On That Road To Get Home, or To, Or From Work,,, Then They Simply *DO NOT STOP* In This Area Of Brazil For Nobody,, eh, lol @SeraphimSerenata?? lol. 😉

    Very Cool Video Depicting Just More (What Looked To Be) Young Scum of The Earth, Willing to Throw-It All Away, and Spend What Little Sad Life Of Theirs Will Remain Once Thrown In The Pen.

    And because If they Do Not Suck The Bigger/Older Boys Ruling The Joints Cocks They Will Make Them Hang Themselves in order to Make-It Look Like An Overnight Suicide, and End-Up getting more Space in their Cells Because Of It. 🙂

      1. @SeraphimSerenata

        Lol, lol, Ok Dude That Was Fucking Funny.
        And Always Good To See You As Well My Good Man.

        Also, Thanks For All Your Continued Great Work,
        And For Helping Mark Hold Down The Fort
        During His Absence, As You Take Good Care Of
        Our Beloved Brother My Man, KUDOS 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I hope that thieving monkey broke his fucking neck, so he can die a painful slow death as he ponders on all the evil he’s done and shits himself at the realization he’s going to die, all while being scorched under the sun and the searing asphalt grills his ass for a little farewell warm up before he descends to freeze in hell.

    Fucking pricks. Hope the other chimp gets blasted soon.

  5. Americans have pretty much destroyed all of middle east & still hold the title of being the only regime causing complete annihilation of millions of civilians by dropping atomic bombs.

    Yet this absolute ape shit brutal nation known as Brazil has somehow escaped the wrath of the most savage regime i.e USA

    Very satisfying video indeed watched it like 15 times!

  6. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I fuckin love it!

    Dumb Spic trying to rob people in cars????

    This should happen to protesters who stop traffic too lofl!! Hopefully the local poleets don’t bother looking for the driver, they were just protecting themselves!!

  7. That’s exactly what should have happened. Towards the end of the video, though, I saw a white car drive past, then it looked like it slowed down to check out the body in the road. Seems like being in Brazil, that is a huge risk.

  8. I was driving some years ago, a group of kids were walking and as a joke one got pushed in front of me, I demanded the pH # of someone’s parents or I’d kick their asses, long story short they all got grounded for the summer

    1. Na .i would LAND a CRACK at at him quick as a SHOT by running up and PISTOLWHIPPING him. That will teach him for taking SIGHT of me and mine and spoiling my GROOVE. See how he will HANDLE being the BUTT of jokes from then on.

      Or maybe to CAP it off i will just BARREL along and TRIGGER him with my firearm after all.


  9. I just burst out laughing when the car rammed him several meters forward, pmsl lol.
    What a low life turd. Bet he thought he was some hardass who could stop a moving car with his gun but the driver just thought “Screw this guy” an mowed him down lol. One less street robber on the road.

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