Street Racing Driver in Audi S8 Causes Deadly Collision with Prius in Chisinau, Moldova

Street Racing Driver in Audi S8 Causes Deadly Collision with Prius in Chisinau, Moldova

Street Racing Driver in Audi S8 Causes Deadly Collision with Prius in Chisinau, Moldova

On My 16, 2020, a deadly accident took place on Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) Boulevard in Chisinau, Moldova. According to the reports, around 1:30am, a speeding Audi S8 coming from Constantin Negruzzi Boulevard, entered the intersection with Ismail Street ignoring the red light, where it violently collided with a Toyota Prius.

The Toyota was a taxi cab. The taxi driver and his customer both died. The driver of the Audi and his passenger also died on the spot. Several other people were injured.

The Audi driver reportedly took a 50 Euro illegal street racing bet.

Props to Best Gore member @markmiller23 for the video. Here’s the aftermath:

CCTV of the accident:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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89 thoughts on “Street Racing Driver in Audi S8 Causes Deadly Collision with Prius in Chisinau, Moldova”

          1. This is not just the result of the accident Spock. There must have been a gay involved somewhere between the accident and the roadkill

    1. The chubby ‘guy’ you say ? Let me guess, you live in Thailand or some other place where its difficult to differentiate the sexes because that chubby ‘guy’ is most definitely a chubby chick……..

  1. how the fuck dose a crash victim from two cars end up in the middle of the street with his bags round his ankles?? Did someone try take his pulse by shoving fingers up his arse!?!?

    1. Physics isnt my thing but I can tell you the momentum on an ass that big is guaranteed to send him flying out the car. If he was in the Audi then he was not wearing a seat belt. As do most retards that try to public street race in 100k+ vehicles.

    2. You’d be surprised at the injuries to car accident victims. I work for an ophthalmologist, and we once had a car accident victim that had her eye hanging out of her head and lying on her cheek. Upon impact her face hit the sun-visor and somehow literally knocked out her eye.

  2. 50€ is a fortune in the poorest country of Europe which Moldova is. 70% of the population is working in the agriculture sector like it’s the fucking Middle Ages, so imagine what 50€ could do for them. They could buy a fucking new horse for their fields. This A8 owner must have been either the son of the prime minister himself or some kind of mafia clan member to own a car like this. Or both. This country is notorious for corruption at the highest levels.

    Too bad we don’t have any Romanians commenting here anymore to tell us more about their interesting neighbour. Romanian government has blocked access to Best Gore. I guess it had to do with the various car crashes in Romania that have been posted here last year. Some asshole must have reported the site to the officials. Who the fuck knows anyway.

    I’m going to visit Chisinau this summer, since it’s near my workplace. Want to see the capital of Europe’s poorest country with my own eyes. Of course, I will travel only by day and only with Moldovian exchange in my pocket and an old smartphone for taking pictures. The police there is notorious for stopping foreigners on the dark roads and taking all their shit. Well, I feel adventurous. Let’s find out.

    1. I lived in Moldova for 13 months working as a volunteer for a EU-program. I lived in Chisinau and worked in a nearby village called Bacioi. We we’re about 60 volunteers in different programs, going out for drinks several days every week. I walked pissed trough the center, dark alleys, suburbs. I was never ever close to being robbed by either police or criminals. I feel safer in Chisinau than I do in Malmö, where I have several times been assaulted by immigrants for no reason what so ever. Only once did meet an officer who tried to get a bribe out of me, I laughed in his face and told him in broken Russian I could call the anti corruption agency, he shat his pants and went running. Chisinau is a very interesting city, but many who go there do are fooled in to what it actually is. Its not dangerous, and no, girls wont fuck you just because you have a Swedish passport. It’s actually quite conservative and hard to get laid from locals. Enjoy your trip! Also, the median salary in Moldova is currently 1 418 euro. The minimum salary is 187 euro. The crazy part is that stuff is not cheap in Moldova, since almost everything is imported. Many things in Moldovan super markets are more expensive than in Sweden, except the stuff that is locally produced.

      1. Thanks for your time and the first-hand insights, SP.

        To get something straight first, I’m not going to Chisinau to find some cheap girls. This is not in my interests. I want to go and see the city, how everyday life is there. I know very well how conservative the Balkan countries can get (I’m a fucking Balkan dude myself), especially the ex-communist ones, which for many decades had no interactions with foreigners. In Romania (where I work), you can’t even have a simple chat with the local women (especially outside and far away from Bucuresti). As soon as you start speaking English, they get this negative attitude. No problem with that of course, Netflix is my best friend after work. Or having some booze with my Romanian colleagues and friends.

        I was in Gävle, Uppsala and Stockholm in 2007. It was quite nice back then, clean cities, safe to walk, not too much traffic. Really loved it. Don’t know how they cities are now due to uncontrolled illegal immigration all over Europe. But I guess it’s the same shit as in most major European countries.

        1. Cheers mate, you are going to have a good time. I celebrate every new years in Chisinau and try to go there every summer. I’ll admit that one of my reasons going there was to find easy pussy, boy was I wrong. I got to shag a bunch of western european ugly girls though, and manage to have a few months of relationship with a beautiful Moldovan girl, then fucked it up.

          Chisinau is a very interesting city, but since you live in Romania I imagine that you can probably speak some Romanian (and maybe even some Russian if you’re from balkan). I’d higly recommend you to go visit some villages. People there are crazy friendly and hospitable. I used to go to the forest for world war 2 metal detecting, and EVERY SINGLE TIME when walking trough the village I got invited to strangers home for food and home made wine/brandy. In the villages they speak Romanian mainly, and some of the older folks speak Russian. In Chisinau they mainly speak Russian but everyone knows Romanian, even if the ethnic Russians are reluctant to speak it.

          Some places I would recommend you to go see:

          Old Orhei (Orheiul Vechi):
          A Moldovan historical and archaeological complex located in Trebujeni, which is approximately 60 kilometres north-east of Chişinău.

          The giant abandoned nuclerar bunker:

          Mileștii Mici winery:
          The cellars extend for 200 kilometres! They have the biggest wine collection in the world!

          The breakaway region (much like east Ukraine) which is “independent” after the civil war but still not recognized as an independent country. You can go with Marsrutka (small busses) or train. People tell scary stories of the place but as long as you behave everything will be cool. I’d not recommend staying longer than a day though, since that will complicate things with the visa. Dont take photos of military, security or officials buildings and you’re good to go. Fun fact: Bender which is just outside of the capitol of Transnistria, Tiraspol, was “unoficially” the Swedish capital for many years, after Karl the XII retreated from the Russians and spent many years besieged there. Finally the turks ruled them out.

          Unfortunetely you are going to need a smart phone if you want to use taxis. When I lived there in 13 you could easily grab a taxi from the street, it would cost 4 euro to go from the middle of the center to the edge of the city. Now you have to use a smart phone to get a ride and the prices have gone up 100%. I’d never pay more than 8 euro for a taxi in the city though. Always agree to price before you go. Let me know if you need any other info!

  3. Yes. Something happened with a Prius and an Audi. But what the fuck caused the crash? Let me fucking tell you what caused it. Both drivers were driving normally, having a wee wanking race between them as they drove their cars to see who could squirt their man-jizz quickest and spray their windshield with the love custard before the first set of traffic lights. You can see on the B&W CCTV footage that one of them had actually squirted his porridge gun onto his windscreen just before the crash. Just having a relaxing wank race with a little wager on the side – it is no big deal. We have all done it. And this was in Moldova after all. No bullfighting or anal bullhorn insertions here of an evening. You have to make your entertainment where you can find it. Suddenly into both of the speeding masturbators views appears this big fat bastard who had dropped a massive shit and was then trying to impale himself anally onto a street bollard. Their eyes were distracted for a split-second and it was all over for them both and their lovely cars.
    I think the last successful anal street bollard insertion seen on Best Gore was in Paris from a bridge. I wanked myself silly over that one for an hour I remember. We have seen this kind of behaviour before on BG.
    It NEVER ends well.

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