Stupid Motorcyclist T-Boned by Car – Hard Landing

Stupid Motorcyclist T-Boned by Car - Hard Landing

What the fuck kind of shit language is that? If I were to listen to that shit whole day every day, I’d fucking prick my ear drums with pruning shears.

This motorcyclist was an idiot and deserved to be hit. He was cruising from one side of the road to another like it belonged to him. King of the fucking road – was taught a lesson. First he goes across all lanes to the far lane and then decides to do the same the opposite way. The car that t-boned him tried to avoid the collision but the motorcyclist was just too fucking stupid for it to not happen.

It was a nice bounce – deserves high rating for style, but it’s the bone crushing hard landing that gets solid 9.8 on a gore scale. The landing looked like it fucked his pelvis up – probably not HLAM fucked, but fucked never the less. Could not have happened to a stupider motorcyclist.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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48 thoughts on “Stupid Motorcyclist T-Boned by Car – Hard Landing”

  1. Serves him right, I hate lousy drivers. Sadly however, in my country you get prosecuted and fined ?80.00 ($130.00) for exceeding the speed limit by 5mph so in effect we are all criminals and lousy drivers here.

    1. Exactly. If someone crashes into me driving or acting like a **** I’ll be going for them in a big way. A while back two cocky teenagers cycled straight out into the road thinking they were big men and that traffic would just stop for them. I didn’t and took one clean off. I was fuming. It wasn’t an accident, they were just doing the whole arrogant teen thing of thinking the world revolves around them. Shame I wasn’t going faster than 30mph

  2. Many of the people I’ve seen in the videos are so stupid. Possibly thinking something like “they” attempted to teach my children just the same way they attempted to “teach” me how to die. Schools around here actually tell young people about how they have the Right of Way and it’s THE LAW…I call bullshit on a good portion of what is shown to people to be their right of way across streets and with traffic on a bike,,yeah some of you remember the Blah blah laws..I am alive today because of a little common sense. Umm you dont have the right of way over a damn truck coming toward you or even stupidER from behind you..yeah remember “ride with the traffic and die stuck in a grill”? Thats enough about being Right of Way. I hate it when they gather around your soon to die self and a few people tell you ” Man YOU HAD the Right of WAY!” it’s that truck driver’s fault! Lights OUT. Yep you were right, just dead right.

  3. What kind of piece of shit motorcycle was that? It looks like a bicycle. That guy must be made of rubber the way he bounced on the street. Did anyone else here that “woo hoo” sound when he bounced? Too funny when he shoe hits him on the head!

  4. See the fucking people walking through traffic like it’s not there in the beginning of the video?

    Must be how they do it there. Just walk across and hope they swerve around you killing people other than yourself.

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