Sudden Dog Attack Causes Man on Motorcycle to Crash

Sudden Dog Attack Causes Man on Motorcycle to Crash

Sudden Dog Attack Causes Man on Motorcycle to Crash

I have no idea where the video is from. It shows a dog launching sudden attack on a motorcyclist, causing him to lose balance and crash into a parked car. The biker was wearing a baseball hat for head covering and banged his noggin a bit on the bumper, but nothing that wouldn’t let him get back up.

After causing the crash. the dog retreated to the safety of his yard behind the gate. What a sneaky little bastard.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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56 thoughts on “Sudden Dog Attack Causes Man on Motorcycle to Crash”

    1. hahaha! this happens a lot in places like Cambodia, Thailand…
      But this one in the clip should be anywhere from Mexico downwards…
      Real dogs do not define their territories by man-made gates and fences

      1. it does happens a lot in mexico usually people buy puppies and once they grow people just trow them to the streets, no need to say they become really agressive and territorial…. payback?…karma?…. idk

    1. Ruff ruff lol damn that was gold. You my man will be given Flipflopistans Golden Flip Flop Cross the highest honor given to foreigners for their service to comedy.

  1. And thats why i hate most of the cat and dog owners. Stupid dogs barking and doing shit id take a baseball bat and kill em( not the well behaved, trained ones who actually help people). Well and i would also take the opporturnity to feed the local alligators with stray cats and dogs who are responsible for the extinction of numerous bird species id just throw em in the damn croc tank alive.

  2. It’s a complete set up gone wrong. That dog will be renowned for doing that and looking at video been wound up before hand. Penis brain crashing into car is just what he deserves. I very much doubt that was part of plan.

  3. The dogs nemesis had it coming. This dog was waiting outside the fence this time for the guy to putter around the corner at the same time everyday talking trash and teasing him with a milk-bone.
    “Grrrr-woof-arf arf-grrr!” (who’s the bitch now!)

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