Sudden Fatal Crash Caused by Drunk Driver Caught on Dashcam

Sudden Fatal Crash Caused by Drunk Driver Caught on Dashcam

This senseless accident happened on March 30, 2013 at about 1 pm in the Bezenchuksky area of Samara region in Russia. 26 year old drunk driver flew into oncoming traffic without making sure the lane was free to pass a vehicle in front of him and collided head on with a Lada driven by 38 year old man. As a result, the Lada driver, despite having had 15 years of driving experience with no accidents and wearing a seatbelt (aka responsible driver doing everything right) died on the spot.

The video is over 3 minutes long and the crash happens at the very end of it so skip to at least 3:15 unless you want to spend what will feel like forever watching Russian backcountry. The crash is so sudden, there was no way the responsible driver could have avoided in any way. It is unfortunate that the prick drunk driver survived and the responsible one died. Should have been the other way around.

Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

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46 thoughts on “Sudden Fatal Crash Caused by Drunk Driver Caught on Dashcam”

  1. That guy was driving like a typical Russian Driver Moron, he even passed cars in a no-pass (double line) zone. Although it was clearly not his fault, the irony is that he got killed when he was practically stopped.

  2. Hopefully the dead driver’s next of kin will have the balls to abduct and torture the drunk asshole driver to death. It shouldn’t be too difficult to do in Russia. It seems to me that anything goes there.

  3. The police that have to deal with these crashes always say the same thing. Its always the victims that get killed. The drunk drivers are made of rubber and always seem to walk away without a scratch.

  4. It is a shame that the “good”driver died and the drunk didn’t. But maybe Miss Karma plays it like that. Not so much on the innocents part but I can think of only a few things worse than living every day knowing that I killed an innocent person. What horrible suffering you would cause yourself for the rest of your earthly existence. I am actually glad most drunk drivers survive…for this reason only.

  5. Things i have leant on best gore :
    1. Dont get caught stealing anything in brazil
    2. Always drive with a seat belt on
    3. Aleays wear a helmet if on bike or motorbike
    4. Dont go anywhere near a train in India

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