This Had Great Potential – Part IX

Suddenly a Car Comes Out of a Sea Foam in Australia

Sea foam invasion covers a road in Australia so the cops stand by to assist motorists if needed and then… the sea foam spits out a car. How did the driver know where to drive not seeing a damn thing is beyond me. The risk of driving through all that sea foam created potential with the cops in the car’s way but it did not materialize.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “This Had Great Potential – Part IX”

  1. Damn, I’m too slow for my first story on BG. I recorded the footage and was in the middle of editing for BG when whalla ! here it is.
    The footage I have also has a slow motion part which looks cool, oh well, life goes on.

    This happened just up the highway from me and sadly this was part of some savage weather all along the east coast of Aust causing unbelievable flooding with houses under water and killing a handful of people RIP.

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