Survivor of Fatal Rickshaw Crash Cries Over Amputated Foot

Survivor of Fatal Rickshaw Crash Cries Over Amputated Foot

In Uttar Pradesh, India, a rickshaw got involved in an accident that left one person hanging out of it with destroyed head, and another crying on the road due to foot amputation.

It looks like other people were injured too – there’s a survivor sitting behind the blue cooler size box, and a woman in blue skirt limping around. I think the guy behind the cooler also lost a foot, but he doesn’t get much airtime probably because he’s not vocal about it.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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60 thoughts on “Survivor of Fatal Rickshaw Crash Cries Over Amputated Foot”

      1. That guy crying needs a punch in the mouth. Hes a fucking pussy. Notice how he stops his crying but when he looks around he starts crying again. He sounds like a two year old who can’t have a piece of candy. What a Dick.

        1. The man who was in a fatal accident, that destroyed his passengers entire head, amputated his foot, is a pussy and needs a punch in the face? You look like a total bum you thoughtless little curly headed fuck! Thanks for your pointless comment pig

  1. Very twisted video. . Crying like he lost a foot. How could u feel any sorrow for this guy when u got another dude looking like he was hung upside down to dry covered in blood. That’s not the twister for me. The twister is the guy sitting YEP INDIAN Style on the ground next to the cooler???!!! Just chilling w a cooler. Indian style!!!!! Friggen India

    1. Yeah the guy with the cooler is quite an entrepreneurial bugger.
      The bloody bodyparts and rickshaw pieces only barely landed!

      And there he is, selling refreshing beverages to the victims & crowd.

  2. I can picture the scene when our two worlds collide. On one side of the road, a bunch of Indians with their heads twisted into taffy and feet torn off, moaning in agony. On the other side of the street, American Judeo-liberals SHRIEKING!!!!! in biblical hellscape agony because Pizza-pedo Hillary lost the election. Having your feet ripped off is nothing, simply nothing compared to the true depths of human suffering, a social justice warrior, not getting what they want. Imagine the reaction of the Indian audience, watching American sissy-faggots, blood curdling face clawing nightmare wailing! over their bullshit. LOL. It is an official test; when your hysterical emo-drama is ten times the suffering of having your feet ripped off, it’s time to leave your cult and seek therapy.

  3. Seems like for every sand knee grow dead, a thousand are born. We need more accidents like these to occur (and there are plenty everyday) and professional videographers to capture the good stuff. We need plagues of biblical proportions to help with the overpopulation in that shithole. And videographers.

    1. that sounds like that long ago commercial for Memorex
      “Billy can’t come out right now he’s practicing the piano..”

      für elise Beethoven
      ha! worship me.

      wait maybe don’t worship me yet could in fact be Greensleeves

  4. I have had the utter misfortune of visiting india. i won a competition and ended up with food poisoning and the places stinks and it seemed never heard of bathing or showering…

    no doubt this guy will be attached to a home made skateboard from the dump next week and will push him self along using his arms….
    It gives him a whole new career as beggar….

  5. it still amazes me these people just stand filming instead of helping them, imagine if you did that in Europe or the USA, you would probably be lynched or publicly shamed a t the very least

    1. Same here. I was going to make a sarcastic comment about how nice it is to see the bystanders offering comfort to the injured.

      I could not stand there doing nothing. At least offer some words of comfort, water, something. Anything.

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