SUV Driver Kills Moped Rider in Taiwan

SUV Driver Kills Moped Rider in Taiwan

Taiwan dashcam footage records moped rider traveling normal in Taitung City on Linhai Road. On the opposite side of road, impending doom lurks.

An SUV driver barrel rolls out of control and clips light pole on center median divide. Doing little to change direction or speed of SUV, it slams hard into rider. He or She slides into a perfect parking spot that is to die for. Wearing a helmet does nothing to retain the life of accident victim.

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      1. That piece of crap got what he deserved for speeding up. And the other one, I’m sure he has done many mistakes. We all pay for them one way. I’m sure the injuries aren’t that bad, anyway.

  1. Good ‘ol Asia.

    If the SUV didn’t get him, a truck would’ve. If a truck didn’t get him, another car would’ve.. if another car didn’t get him, santa on his fucking sled would have…

    1. Yep, just like the guy with the white shirt at the very end, walking by, slowly, & casually like it’s nothing special, but just another day at the office. Grab Any Loose change Scattered About, and carry-on!

  2. There’s nothing the biker could have done. He was on correct side of the road and not going too fast. Stupid cunt rolling his suv . He or probably she must be a terrible driver.
    It’s true as a motorcyclist, you have to have the mind set of ‘expecting the unexpected’. But even with that MO, there’s some shit that is unavoidable.

          1. I Can Hardly see when i squint, how Da-Fuck Do They Pass Their Driver’s Licenses? They Have to come-out with a type of Caliper Gauge For Eyeballs. And if Anything Is Less Then 3/16th. of an inch, you walk home Bitch!!!

            And a secondary security measure must also be put in place for Dems-Peepholes A Yawn-A-Meter, to calculate how long you yawn. Cause My Eyes Are Wide Open, but when i yawn, i am sometimes totally blind for 3 to 4 seconds. Fuck,,, i see the odd Chinaman yawn while picking their noses for 10 seconds i,m sure. And Some Ignorant fucks take the time to eat their snot before giving you that same shiny finger afterwards before quickly fucking-off,,, Damn-You,, Slant-Eyed Nigger-midget,,, Dat Lil Fucker!

      1. @pigsonthewing
        Lol dude, or if they would have changed-it from 60 km. to 100 km. per hour, then he, the Dashcam-Man,,, and the Biker both would have just got by, before,,,
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        “I can’t think of anything to say except…
        I think it’s marvellous! Hahaha! ” 🙂
        Cheers @pigsonthewing my Good Brotha From Anotha Motha! 🙂
        I,m Starting To Think That,,, And The Worms,, They Ate Into My Brain
        Oh Yea,,, and Happy New-Year Yet Again, lol! 😉

          1. Fucking Right, learning to fly, and quickly too, lol. 😉
            B.T.W. I Love That Tune man, i think that it,s one of Dave’s top 10 for sure.

          1. Yea,,, it,s been awhile, actually a fuck of a long time since i heard the song and saw the video, lol. I Don’t know what made me think of it. I Guess it was just yourself sayin i,m wondering, and my old failing music memory kicked-in. Thanks Brother.

  3. Taitung city officially has the worst condom licking labia possessor drivers in the whole of lizards/frogs/snakes/dogs/cats/
    bananas/rats loving far eastern population in the world
    Source – tittipedia

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