SUV Driver Runs Down Woman in Milwaukee, USA

SUV Driver Runs Down Woman in NY, USA

SUV Driver Runs Down Woman in NY, USA

In Milwaukee, USA, an SUV driven by an enraged woman runs down a woman out in the street.

When filming begins, a woman known as Ghettozilla throws an unknown object at the SUV driver. The item strikes hood and windshield, alights scene of impact and lands in front of a house basement window.

The semi-fearless woman barely flinches when caught in the cross-hairs of the SUV. No need hoping for nemesis, when woman SUV driver takes it upon herself to topple her arch enemy.

Infesting within the neighborhood, urban street dwellers provide strewn commentary.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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      I love yard ape behavior! So long as they’re only hurting and killing each other who the fuck should care? This was fucking hiii-larious! She really got mowed down!

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  1. I’m walking here!

    Except it’s the negro version, where you actually run the person down, then gun shots ring out. She musta said something like: “no one be talkin ’bout MY momma like that Kateeshia” or maybe “Say what nigga, I heard you be fuckin my Tyron, I’m not down with that shit. I run your black ass over”

    I’m not sure about the gun fire. Probably simple ghetto reflex.

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        I bet it took the pigs 30 minutes to show up if they did at all.

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    And i Know That Iv’e Mentioned-It Dozens Of Times Already,,, But Fuck-Man,,, I Love The Slow-Mo Sound That Accompanies Most of the Video, When The People in Question are Talking/Sounding so fucking incredibly Retarded to begin with, it makes-it more fun, and bearable to listen to.

    And I Love-It When These Portuguese, or American Blacks Say Shit Like What Da Fuck, or the like but I Love-It Especially When They Say Ohhhhhh- Myyyyy-Goawwwwddd,,, in Slow Motion, as it’s fucking hilarious My Good Dudes, and I Cannot Get Enough Of It, As It always makes me chuckle!


  5. Then one night in desperation
    A young man breaks away
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  7. Guettozilla got what was coming to her.
    Bitch should’ve known better than to fuck with another person’s automobile.
    SUV driver gangster af not only did she run thot over but decorated her with a few grams of led.
    What a beautiful story.

  8. Update: The incident happened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 31, 2018. Below is a link to the news article.

    For those of you who doubt the physical superiority of the African race, that bitch survived. Lets see some skinny white skank get run over like that and live to suck dick another day.

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      2. Learn some originality. Being racist online was cool back in 2011. You idiots are cowards. Spew all this mess online, but won’t say shit in real life. You’d be ready to suck a “niggers” dick if he pressed you. Get some dignity and keep that same energy if I ever see you. A “keyboard warrior” is what you are

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  9. The woman who got run over survived with only a broken leg and wrist and the driver who is WHITE was arrested and is facing two counts of attempted murder charges using a car and an unregistered gun and could face 25 to 30 years in prison.

  10. Ms. Takena Schitt should have never thrown the deadly soda bottle at the poor victimized SUV driver. It’s clearly a case of self-defense.

    Someone’s gun must have accidentally discharged numerous times at the end of the video. I’m sure it’s really a nice place to live.

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