Swedish Man Falls on Subway Track, Immigrant Robs Him Instead of Helping

Swedish Man Falls on Subway Track, Immigrant Robs Him Instead of Helping

It’s that Multiculturalism in Sweden again. Last time we’ve heard about it, it was related to the rape and murder of Elin Krantz. As many native Swedes did (and do), Elin Krantz too fell victim to the multiculturalism hype and as many of her fellow Swedes, she too was brainwashed by the Jews to support it and believe in her heart that it’s the right path for Sweden to take. And then an immigrant saw her riding alone on a tram and brutally raped and murdered her.

Fellow in this video which was recorded in Stockholm looks like he may have had one too many alcoholic beverages that night. Or maybe did drugs or partook in other mind twisting trip young people often experiment with. It just looks from the video that whatever he tried got the best of him – happens to the best of us. In a bid to get home, he came to a subway train station but was having troubles maintaining balance and fell onto tracks.

He clearly needed help but the next man to show up was… not a Swede, nor anyone from a country which upholds like values. It was an immigrant from a place where filth grows rampant and cowardice is second nature. As it is with Sweden, though – the government won’t reveal the perpetrator’s ethnicity and media, likewise, will not disclose it. They will simply refer to him as a man of whatever age he is learned to be.

So this immigrant notices a man incapacitated by the fall onto subway tracks and takes advantage of it by jumping down to frisk the unconscious body and steal whatever valuables could be found. Then, like a spineless coward that he is, the immigrant climbed back on the platform and pranced away, leaving the man on the tracks to get run over by a train.

Magically, despite having been hit, the robbed man survived. One of his feet was crushed and face beat up and bruised, but he survived. Drunks have the darnest of lucks.

The police released the photo of the man who had an opportunity to save life, but instead chose to rob a man in need and left him to get chopped up by an arriving train. They do not know who the robber is yet, but just look at the pic above – typical Swede, isn’t he? I bet he’s a Muslim who came to Sweden as an asylum seeker after whining about how oh so hard it had been for him in home country. That’s why Syrians who live as immigrants abroad bitch about the government – cause they were actual criminals whom the authorities wanted to get them for their crimes. They whined that they are persecuted and were allowed in as asylum seekers, pissing on the legitimate government from abroad while continuing with the life of crime but this time, also receiving government support money and protection.

Multiculturalism is a good thing if it’s natural. You meet a girl from another country, you fall in love, you get married, learn her language and decide to live in her country. Or you travel around the world and people in a certain country strike your tune, you just feel like their society matches your character so likewise, you learn the language and pursue immigration there. This way, multiculturalism contributes to natural growth while still maintaining the original essence of the host country.

But when people from incompatible countries are allowed in en masse, experiencing demographic increase in numbers ten times or more that of the natives, that’s not multiculturalism. That’s rape of the nation by immigrants. Sweden had for the longest time enjoyed some of the world’s highest standards of living and one of the safest societies overall. Mass immigration from countries where people do not uphold like values is turning Sweden into a shithole and it’s happening at the expense of the natives. It truly is horrifying.

Check out the video of the immigrant scumbag robbing the unconscious man and leaving him for dead below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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122 thoughts on “Swedish Man Falls on Subway Track, Immigrant Robs Him Instead of Helping”

    1. It is truly sickening isn’t it?

      The fight back for Mother Europe will not end the fighting and bloodshed. Once we have finished evicting the human filth from our Fatherlands we must undertake a great crusade to destroy Islam and safeguard our children’s future.

      A struggle of Civilisations… Of titanic proportions.

      1. Agreed, Agreed Trooper. In this day and age it is not enough to just rid ourself of this Islamic plague, its not just like Ancient Europe where chasing the Jews out of one province and into another….

        This is a tectonic war of extermination… after what we White have gone through during this 70 years of Post WWII era… we will have to chase the spawn of Satan and the Spawns of Muhammad to the ends of the earth and destroy them so they never threaten our Race EVER AGAIN…

        1. True.

          More and more people are being radicalised into action and taking off their rose-tinted-MTV-MultiCulti-Jew glasses.

          The threat of Jewery and their Muslim and Liberal lapdogs are underplayed… Significantly. As long as they exist we will be in a state of perpetual war.

          It makes one wonder how this will all end?

          Is Mother Europe and her children doomed? I pray not. Our cultural and scientific advantages, although heavily tainted and corrupt remain unmatched by any other civilisation.

          It is us who are the rightful masters of the planet. Not the insidious Jew or the wild-eyed Mohammedans.

          1. This is the typical behaviour of the islamic brain dashed victim breeding viruses who have come in to our welcoming countries to piss on them. These filth manure like ragheeds need to be stomped on by the brave europeans that are having to put up with this nonsense from these dispicable vermin types who hail from allahland.

          2. Trooper- the words you are trying to spell are CIVILIZATION and RADICALIZED…it always baffles me how a seemingly intelligent person with such strong convictions cannot even spell.

          3. Trooper- it’s spelled CIVILIZATION and RADICALIZED…how can you be seemingly intelligent with strong convictions if you’ve gone your whole fucking life without being able to spell things that require the letter ‘z’?

          4. Siby…

            I am on the iPad and am sick and tired of it dictating to me that I have to use ‘s’ instead of ‘z’.

            I fought a losing battle against this shady device secretly changing the way I spell… I just roll with it now.

            I will restart the war to please you my dear… ;-D.

        1. Oh shoyt…I didn’t mean to post the same damn thing three times. BG was having a constipated moment…but as for my take on multiculturalism-yeah, it’s almost heartbreaking that the essence and purity of countries like Sweden are becoming clouded and putrefied by maggots like Muslims and Jews. It’s been the case with the US since the first border jumper floated across the Rio Grande with the rest of the sewage, but countries like Sweden? And poor Europe…saddens me.

          1. @siblyline,
            contrary to your belief that @trooper has gone his ‘whole fucking life without being able to spell’, it may have slipped your notice that he is British. We spell many words differently to you. If a Brit writes colour, centre, theatre, catalogue for example, then it is not because we can’t ‘fucking spell’. In fact most of the British common wealth, British speaking countries, would find your the one unable to spell properly.,

          2. Cheers Mama… :-).

            Funnily enough, I have never been too bothered about the ‘s’ versus ‘z’ grammar debate.

            I am a right Bolshie bastard with COLOUR and HONOUR, etc…

            Plus pronunciation is a big deal as well, nothing pisses me off more then listening to my fellow countrymen speak Wigger or American.

            I don’t have an accent, people reckon I sound like a Gordon Brown character who has spent too much time in Birmingham!

            My Girlfriend has a proper regional accent. I won’t reveal it because it would give away too much info on where I live though…

    2. Hawk I have a feeling the “next crusade” has already begun except this time its Muslim crusaders that are pouring into Europe…the next 9/11 to happen will most likely happen in Europe its only a matter of time I’m curious to see what will be done after it happens…war maybe?

    1. Sorry but I see it the other way around… Rob him ”Maybe” but don’t leave him there to die….. ( Yes I read the post and I know he ain’t dead but the guy that left him there didn’t know that when he left him there.)

      And as for people rising up…. ain’t going to happen any time soon (sadly!)
      People talk shit but they do f_ck all!!! They don’t want to jeopardize there little meaningless lives…..

      1. People in China are notorious for not helping at times of need, the baby who got run over three times, and no one helped him, I’d expect any decent person to pull him to saftey, its human nature but we all know in China they are afraid to help in fear of being sued, or the simple fact is they don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves!

  1. I am Jack?s complete lack of surprise. For every one immigrant willing to play nice there is twenty wanting to steal your wallet and rape your women folk and our lovely leaders have decided they make a fine addition to our countries and why because they work for next to nothing. Our greedy fucking business leaders don?t care whether our people are unemployed, killed or raped as long as they can get the cheapest workers, parasitical bastards.

    1. I will add that what I am referring to is uncontrolled immigration and not just any old immigrant as some just has Mark pointed out do arrive to live with good intentions, however the immigrant should be checked first, do they have a criminal record, have they got a job to go to, are they a filthy Muslim or a Romanian pickpocket, these things can sort out the undesirables and anyone who wants to come to your country because they fear for their life in there own country does not get let in as this is the biggest con they play.

    2. love the fight club reference, but yeah. If there is even ONE unemployed person in the country than not one immigrant should be allowed in. Its just fucking bullshit. RACE WAR! RACE WAR! come on everyone lets have a RACE WAR! not joking seriously its about time for a good ethnic cleansing but everyone’s so brainwashing into being politically correct that they would never participate.

    1. I hope he gets done for agrevated robbery and attempted murder, but knowing Swedish justice system, he won’t get anything neear what he should in the way of prison, probably won’t get anything ‘time’ at all.

      Personally I would do what they do in other countries, chop of his hands!

  2. I come from fukin CANADA!!!The greatest MULTICULTURAL country on earth. I am a product of multicultrualism. I’m mix German/ Irish and half Chinese. My mother experienced the ‘love’ here in the bad old days…so did my Irish Grandfather. It’s never a good idea to invite enemies into your countries.That’s a stoopid move…but that’s not what multiculturalism is all about…and it doesn’t represent the main bulk of immigrents over time.
    What nationality is the poor bugger that fell on the tracks? No one knows yet…I see people of all races doing evil fukin shit from time to time.
    If this prick who robbed that guy get’s caught I hope they push him infront of a train….of course no blond haired person would ever do that. Especially to a muslem! Right?
    The best fukin countries in the world to live in practice multiculturalism.
    It’s not easy.For Jerry
    Springer bait.

    Fuk sometimes it sounds like that old Mel Brooks gag ‘ Let ’em all go to hell, except Cave 76!’ around here.

  3. Ok I know this has nothing to do with the topic (please Mark don’t boot me because I remember what you said about staying on topic but anyway I have a question for Fiend—I have a Mexican sativa 9 weeks flowering and I got a 50-50 white to amber ratio and I don’t want “couch lock” could I cut at this time…again I know this isn’t that kind of forum but I think there are too many uc cops on the pot forums

    1. 🙂 I actually never heard the term “couch lock” before.
      Honestly, I think ganja effects people in different ways period…
      Some people always get lethargic and couch locked, where others (like myself) get energized and inspired.
      So, in other words my friend, I don’t have any recommendations on how to avoid couch lock.
      As long as your bitch is well flushed you can take her down… I don’t usually go longer than 10 weeks in flower.

      Cheers and happy highs!

    2. I assume that has more CBD to THC levels right? Indica is what gives you couch lock, sativa is suppose to give you a boost of clarity. you’re gonna want to fruit it now.
      from my knowledge the red hairs don’t have much of any significance.
      Hail satan.

        1. well he asked the white/amber ratio. I assume the amber means the red hairs. usually if its 70% or more of the red then it’ll be a heavy hit more lazy high. if its about 35-40% of the amber then it’ll be a clearer minded blaze. I have studied this but never done it IRL so my input lacks any solid ground. I’m more of a salvia/ papaver somniferum guy

          1. Well, ya know baked,
            we ALL have our opinions on how cannabis should be grown.
            I’ve given friends plants to grow in their yard, they end up listening to some ‘know-it-all’ and the plants get ruined.
            All I can say is… go with what you know and most importantly ~ have fun!

            p.s… glad to see your “They Live” avatar back!

          2. No hun, I’m not mad at all.
            It’s just that we could go on and on regarding this…
            I’ve heard so many conflicting things.
            It’s just trial and error.. try something, if that doesn’t work for you then try something different.

            We’re good baked… and I hope you are rid of that nasty cold.

    3. You do know that a lot of cops visit this site to look at gore not to mention the feds are keeping tabs because of all the anti sheep rhetoric…and don’t forget about that whole Luka Magnotta thing and the cops trying to shut the site down talking about what your talking about probably isn’t the safest thing to do on here.

      1. I agree with you to a point @Pale Rider but is there any site that is safe to talk about anything? Is even email safe to use? I think NOT.

        So, the way I look at it is; if you have something to say and don’t give a fuck who will read it then say it. If not, then don’t.

        1. I want a plant to grow, please 😀

          @Pale – I’m sure cops/feds check out this site, especially after the Luka ordeal. But seeing people say they grow cannabis should not be a high priority on their list.

    4. yeah just got off work…but yeah my trichs are very cloudy and i got frosty leaves….and you say 10 weeks…eh im only off by 1 so i think i will chop chop, and true about the indica and sativa stuff but baked said what i’d been hearing for a long time…”usually if its 70% or more of the red then it?ll be a heavy hit more lazy high. if its about 35-40% of the amber then it?ll be a clearer minded blaze”….Thanks Fiend and Baked your advise was greatly appreciated….i gotta find my sword!

  4. Now immigrant scum will go sniffing knickers from washing line to add to his
    wonderful, hectic but productive day of cowardly theft and pick pocketing. He is bound to qualify for asylum in the UK or US as these are the qualities the zionist west look for to coincide with their failed multi-culturist experiment.

    Anyhow on to something that doesn’t relate to sheep world. I hope Mark enjoyed his break and as always I look forward to reading more of his unfiltered unbiased and well informed posts. Best Gore Rocks Yeahhh!!

  5. I think he should sue that dead guy and his family for his jail time, it wasn’t his fault the dude fell and made himself such a tempting target, just like that whore bitch in canada suing the phone company for $670,000 cause she got caught cheating.

  6. May that filthy, son of a Muslim whore, die in severe agony, preferably over a considerable amount of time, and be left to rot in hell for eternity..
    I shall skull fuck his offspring for as long as my pecker stay hard!!!

    Muslims are the vermin of this World!!!

  7. has anyone checked to see if this piece of shit really is an immigrant, or is he just some ass hole on holiday or a business trip?

    rather than attacking the immigrants. i suggest attacking the zionists who sent them here. or we can just keep playing their game and get angry at the wrong people.

    in 1890 there were over 100 different languages spoken in Paris alone. muslims have always lived peacefully in europe. they don’t meddle in politics like the zionists do. they don’t practice usury. the immigrant steals your wallet. the zionist steals your house.

  8. Europeans and Americans can thank the jews, the jew’s upper class accomplices and their political flunkeys for importing all these muslim turds and niggers into what was once great countries.
    The jews are clever creatures, they took control of the world finance, then bought all media to spread lies and brainwash the masses into accepting the unacceptable (like race mixing, prostitution and homosexuality) then they corrupted the world leaders and asked them open the boarders to third world immigration and start wars to serve jewish interests.
    Only guerrilla warfare will free us from the jewish parasites and their shabbos goys.

  9. I honestly just wish these immigrants who sneak into decent countries like Sweden would simply build up and develop their own countries so that they don’t need to immigrate to white lands. Are they really so stupid, violent and backward, then? Is there really a reason to believe they are completely inferior? I try so hard to think otherwise, and every day my naivete is thrown back in my face.

  10. You know, you guys are the exact opposites of Islamic extremists. They hate you and your religions, you hate them and their religion. They want to kill all you guys and wipe all memories of you, you also want to do the same back. You’re no better, I say fuck all extremists, including you guys. Mark has a point in the things that he says, he gives credit where it’s due, will attack what is wrong. But you guys, you’re just like the guys you’re cussing. I come on Best Gore to learn from the things Mark puts on, but a lot of the things in the comment section below are just a bunch of bullshit.
    If you want to hate Islamic extremists, fine they deserve it, if you want to hate Muslims, your choice. Don’t go on like Islam has never been compatible with the world, read some history, Islamic countries used to be rich and powerful back when Europe literally had nothing. Shit changes, things fuck up over time. The Romans were great back in the day, but ever since Rome fell etc, what were them lot known for again after that? Except for Mussolini trying to re-incarnate that Empire in WW2? Fuck all. Like the Greeks too, they weren’t known for anything else after the Spartan and Alexander the great days. Every nation, religion etc will become powerful and successful at some point in history and then will suffer a great decline. History is full of it. Here in Britain, this place was everybody’s bitch in the Ancient days, later in history it had a great empire. Islam was great back in the day, but it’s just going through it’s fucked up stages now. Look at Saladin in Crusades, do you think he would’ve exterminated Christians because of their faith? No.
    Read up on history, guys. I personally don’t blame you for hating on Muslims now, even I do quiet a lot of the time, and i’m Muslim. Islam is going through a fucked up stage right now, like everyone has or will. I’d fight for Nationality over religion anyday of the week, I had it in my career choice to join the British army. I say fuck the Taliban/Al-Qaeda, Syrian rebels, the whole lot of them. Just remember, there’s more Muslims like me than you think there are. Sure Mark points out the bad things etc, yeah Muslim immigrants are refusing to settle into western society, it is true. There still is and will always be people like me who will defend countries like England from an Islamic threat inside Britain. I don’t give a shit if he’s from my Religion, i’ll drop the fucker.
    But if you guys go on like you want to wipe all Muslims out, then what am i going to do? I sure as fuck would not like ever turning a gun on a British person, hope i’ll never have to do it, but if you guys go on some “Crusade”, i’m gonna have no choice. Besides, you guys would not win if you decide to wipe out the Middle East. You think you can just nuke it? That oil would be unreachable for hundreds of years, China would retalitate. The amount of radiation going into the air would change the environment, there’s a big chance that Earth will not be suitable for Humans to live on.

    1. @dog soldier,

      I have known many extraordinarily fine muslims in my lifetime and don’t subscribe to the view that many here hold that all muslims are murderous and intolerant. However, we now have a situation where so many muslims are flooding to this country who hate us. They have no wish to be British or for thier children to British. They simply come here for the handouts with nothing but pure distaste for our country and our culture. Unfortunately that makes things worse for the decent hardworking muslims in this country.But I feel that muslims as well as all British people must take more responsability for what is happening in their communities..

    2. @ Dog Soldier I understand where you’re coming from. You feel like you are stuck in the middle because you are not an extremist Muslim but at the same time you don’t like people disrespecting your culture. However, this is where you begin to fail. Instead of going around your Muslim community and expressing your dislike for the ignorance of its extremists elements you come on here and moan about how a few BG members, who just so happen to be sick of Muslim extremism, are uneducated. This is a bad habit of you “moderate” Muslims. Rather than trying to fix the negative aspects and misguided direction inherent in “parts” of the Muslim community and speaking to your brethren about the flaws of extremism you ask others to be tolerant, reasonable and pacifist. Although you “moderates” are obliged to explain away the wrongs of Islamic extremism to the western world wouldn’t you think your services of preaching tolerance are better used where it’s needed most, in your Muslim community?

  11. I seen this on an English newspaper website like a day after the Sweden / multiculturalism post and I just KNEW as soon as I read it it would be an immigrant. I tried zooming in on the still pics to see whether I could work out the skin colour but I couldn’t. Now you have proved me right and shown yet again, flooding developed nations with cavemen from 3rd world countries brings us down!

  12. What a fucking asshole. No, beyond asshole, a sad excuse for a human being. Glad to see there were people willing to get onto the track to see if the man was alright. Things like this make you lose all faith in humanity, but hopefully those few good people will make a difference, for instance, going onto a subway track to see if someone is alright rather than robbing them. Still, how could someone be so cold..

  13. “Multiculturalism is a good thing if it?s natural. You meet a girl from another country, you fall in love, you get married, learn her language and decide to live in her country. Or you travel around the world and people in a certain country strike your tune, you just feel like their society matches your character so likewise, you learn the language and pursue immigration there. This way, multiculturalism contributes to natural growth while still maintaining the original essence of the host country.”

    Just wanted to quote that whole paragraph because damn man that just correct. I always wanted to explain my thoughts on this matter in an eloquent way because it’s very easy to be missunderstood. SPECIALLY if you are an imigrant. You think that it sucks when people look awful at you and whisper “racist” when you explain yourself? Well, it’s worse when you are an immigrant, the words are harsher because you are “supposed to defend them”. I defend those who deserve to be defended, those who make a good thing out of the deal. Not for this scum.


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