Taxi Carnage in South Africa

Taxi Carnage in South Africa

Taxi Carnage in South Africa

A taxi crash occurs last Sunday 19 August on a free way in South Africa.

Total of nine people lost their lives on the N1 southbound between Allandale Road and the Buccleuch interchange in the afternoon, 18 August. The speeding driver lost control and hit the concrete barrier.

Props to Best Gore member @nrc073 and @balthazar for the video:


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  1. These so called taxis locally known as ”kombi” in South Africa have been a danger to commuters since the early 90s. According to South African Taxi statistics, there are about 200,000 officially registered minibus taxis and roughly 14 million people use them on a daily basis.

    These kombis were initially designed to carry ten passengers but due to high demand, they carry about 21 people (driver inclusively). They are mostly operated by drunkard drivers without valid documentations and who doesn’t often follow traffic rules.

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