Taxi and Truck Collide in South Africa, Carnage Results

Taxi and Truck Collide in South Africa, Carnage Results

Accident occurred today in South Africa. A taxi and a Bakkie (small South African pickup truck) had a head-on collision, killing the bakkie driver, the driver of the taxi and severely injuring/killing passengers in the taxi, with an infant reportedly being killed as well. A survivor is pulled from the wreckage with her shirt ripped open and her leg and arms mangled. As far as I know, the taxi driver was the one to be at fault but it doesn’t seem as though he will be facing any charges.

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  1. “The taxi driver was the one to be at fault but it doesn?t seem as though he will be facing any charges.”

    Awww, and i tought that in south africa being dead was not a valid reason to not be arrested or charged, just like in ‘muricah… πŸ™

      1. It shows their greediness. Loading it all to send to one location and make the most profit of it…

        – “Here we are, that will be 200 rand.”
        – “Hey! I didnt asked to come here!”
        – “You wanna go back? You’ll have to pay for it too.” πŸ˜†

    1. Maybe if he pulled that chunk of her leg dangling by a thread of skin off he could do it. Is that woman wearing 2 different sandles or is her foot just deformed? My eyes are watering from IcyHot so I can’t tell :-\

  2. Fat lady should have walked instead of calling a cab. Ms. Karma is on a calorie hunt! Watch out, all ya lazy bastards, out there! Walk, or ride a pedal bike, off road,,, that is! πŸ˜‰

  3. Off topic but, i just learned that the small city i live in has racked up numbers# 2,3,4 and 5 dead bodies all murdered in as many days. This is a town that maybe sees 1 murder per year. Apparently were trying to make some news here

  4. Public transit is a low priority fro the ANC government. Because of the lack of public transi, many people rely on “taxis” ( vans that travel fixed routes) to get around. The taxis are usually operated by crack heads or other irresponsible types. They drive fast and restlessly. Carnage like this is common in SA. The taxi driver is likely to blame.

  5. Growing up in SA these are a common site and sound. They hoot their horns the whole way down the road to get people who are walking to turn around to see the taxi coming and they get another fare!! No such things as MOT. I have seen one of these being driven with a screw driver used as the steering wheel! No joke! I am very surprised there are not many many more video clips of the horrific “Thai style!” Accidents. Many taxi drivers don’t even have a licence! I think I took one on one occasion and the smell inside was just shewww almost unbearable! The people who use them have a smell of their very own!! Never again. Scary experience,
    Is it weird of me to say that This site very often cheers me up. The members on here are pretty cool people with some of the funniest comments.
    @TheJudge how are you? Not commented for a while, hope you are cool

        1. @gnat I’m 80,years old ..drink all night and day..Viagra next to my walker.. And the biggest dick an old man can bear..just ask your grandma!!! Hahaha..fuckers….I’m not even in my forties yet..

        1. Hey Danielle! Sorry I only just read this. I’m good thank you and I agree with what you said lol this site cheers me up no end! Ain’t spoke in a while? I been on and off here lately. I didn’t know you lived in UK though? What part, anywhere close haha!!

          Judge πŸ˜‰

          1. Hey @TheJudge I’m cool thanks. Glad you are good. Yes it’s been a while. I come on here and the comments just make me laugh. I have been in UK 20yrs. I’m in oxfordshire. Where are you?

          1. Oh great more asses like you on best gore..just remember its never a good idea to pick on members with first name starting daniel ..ever or you shall meet Mr sliders closet lol

  6. I love all the fat shaming. Way to go you guys. I bet you all are in ideal shape. Talk shit about the sick murderers child molesters and filth of the world. But when you post something mean just so you have something to post to make yourself known to BG is just fucking pathetic. She looks like the average older lady your mom grandmother… Get a life some of you.

      1. No baby I don’t. But really who the fuck puts down others. Especially when the poor lady is missing her feet. I bet each and every one of us has something ugly about ourselves. Best gore is about informing people about the sick shit that happens around the world the evil and vial not this Facebook hate shit. If I want that I would follow the kardashians on twitter.

        1. I’m over 300lbs. and I wasn’t offended @postalass… Do yourself a favor and read the rules…

          “All materials on Best Gore are age restricted and access is limited to adults only. By accessing Best Gore website you acknowledge and agree that you are 18 years of age or over and not offended by gore images and/or videos, and explicit depictions of death, blood, injuries, suffering, etc. The list above is by no means exhaustive.”

          Click the puppy…

          1. I don’t find it offensive too, @Gnat. But I’m nowhere near 300 pounds though lol. Oh well, not as tall as you are. Anyway…

            It’s the truth. People get poked with all kinds of stuff. Maybe she’s just not used to it yet.

        2. Heh? But its not our fault that she… erm… “let herself go”. 😐 And of course we all have our physical issues, so why should any of us use that as a restraining factor?

          Lets use a bit of logic here – You dont know that lady, you never will, and she will never know you, or ever will either. There will never be any interaction of any shape or form between them (the victims) and you. Shes part of a mass where individuality is basicly obsolete, so no chance of that ever happening either, as the chances are, we will never hear or see her ever again. So in what way are we causing any harm or agrevating her situation for “lightening the mood” a bit between those (the BG members) that we do actually have some interaction with?

          Although i admitedly dont have a heart, by simulating your point of view i do understand your concerns, but arent you overreacting a bit? 😐 And although youre very sweet for caring for that lady, the sad fact is that we’re on the 21st century, and no one today is caring for another person without having double-standards… Everybody only do things thinking about themselves.

          Also, i dont have facebook or twitter or any of that crap, so i dont know how does that even compares with this…

      2. Evidently making fat jokes is crossing the line. The only one who could possibly be offended is the subject of the joke. I’m guessing she won’t log on here and see it.
        On a positive note, she will be losing about 12lbs of leg. It’s a start.

  7. I just personally wish to see more intellectual comments. Ok we have a overweight older lady with two broken legs… With carnage and death all around her and people poke fun of her weight and tits. What I take from bg is the knowledge of what is happening around the world the real truth and spread the word to my fellow people. Now I come on this page daily but rarely post anything unless I have something meaningful to say. Maybe its my age but it saddens me to see comments that are only aimed to cause more hate or “try” to be funny. Be smart people you where led here for a reason.

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