Teen Fatally Struck by Car While Trying to Get Away from Askal Dog

Teen Fatally Struck by Car While Trying to Get Away from Askal Dog

Teen Fatally Struck by Car While Trying to Get Away from Askal Dog

In Quezon City, Philippines, a teenager died after getting hit by a car. The teenager was running away with his friends from an Askal dog that apparently attacked them.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows the dog run out of the yard probably in response to the voices from the road. The dog doesn’t seem to be straight out attacking, and only responds to the instinctive urge to chase what’s running as the group of teens takes off. Unfortunately, one of them runs straight into the path of a passing car.

Props to Best Gore member @darkroller12 for the video:

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    1. The tip I got from an old man always works. If a dog who goes aggressively towards you, just stop like a statue, don’t move a bit and they won’t do anything and go away. In our street, there are hundreds of dogs and this always works for me. At times when I would suddenly stop their mouth with open teeth would bang on my knees, but they would never take a bite, they would just leave after a while.

  1. What kinda pussy runs from a little dog like that, especially when you are with a group of people? It was the male in the black shirt & shorts that started running first. But the male in the black shirt & white shorts that got fucked by the car.

  2. Of course the dog was going to chase them, they were probably squaking and squealing and instantly started running. They’ll probably start a campaign to euthanize street dogs because of this. So fucking unfair. That dog’s life was undoubtedly worth more than just another obnoxious, one of billions, look exactly the same Asian skank. Smart, sweet little puppy was smart to run off.

  3. Ok wait, don’t they eat those fucking things over there?

    And there were four of them and one dog on the smaller size. Kick the fucking thing in the face! Gang up on it the fucker woulda ran the other way. Hope it was worth it idiot!

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