Teens Fleeing in Stolen Car Run Over Two Cops Before Crashing in Chile

Teens Fleeing in Stolen Car Run Over Two Cops Before Crashing in Chile

Video from Chile shows a group of teenagers trying to escape from police in a stolen car. They end up running over 2 cops before crashing into a ditch and flipping. Cops proceed to beat the shit out of teen occupants.

There’s a lot of bad things that can be said about cops, but that’s usually the case in countries whose cops are trained in Israel. In this case, I’m 100% with the cops and see the beating delivered to the carjackers as justified and well deserved. Fucking brats…

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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40 thoughts on “Teens Fleeing in Stolen Car Run Over Two Cops Before Crashing in Chile”

      1. Yesssss they should have. If they weren’t paralyzed from the accident I assure you those Chilean cops put them in WHEEL chairs. Sad that in the U.S. That would be police brutality. Fuck that they need brutality !! BRUTAL BRUTALITY!!

    1. The cameraman is wandering around like a lost puppy. Absolutely no clue how to operate a camera. Don’t they watch the news over there and see on the news the proper way to hold a camera steady?

          1. Did he have a go pro camera on his helmet?? That’s what I think I saw a shadow of it when he approached the cocker roach infested flipped car. Wonder if they had flip flops on lol

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  1. Hi to all. Both carabineros died at the scene, Hans Knopke Briones (37) and Luis Díaz Manríquez (32). They most probably didn´t deserve to die like that, Carabineros de Chile is one of the most respected and liked institutions of Chile.

  2. What beating? Telephone being waved around so wildly, if there was any beating, never saw it? Ok, one second of cop giving a kick, then camera swings back to…nothing. How do we even know that they were teenagers? Camera never stays on anything more than half a second.

    1. So you’re blind, right? He is clearly wearing a GoPro style camera on his helmet, as are others who can be seen in the mutherfucking video. you commenters are starting to piss me off. open your eyes.
      “Waving the phone around”? No, Stupid, he’s turning his head
      Jesus Christ

  3. when the car came zipping by the first game that came to my mind was DIRT then seeing the bleeding cop on the ground it turned into GTA III then when the fellow cop aimed the gun at them it became Battlefield 3.

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