Teenager Flattened by School Bus Gets Loaded Into Plastic Coffin

Teenager Flattened by School Bus Gets Loaded Into Plastic Coffin

On Avenida do Contorno, in the Municipality of Ataleia in Minas Gerais, Brazil, a 17 year old student, identified only as José M. S., was crushed to death by a school bus.

According to the information gathered by the police, the teenager was riding bicycle on the side of the road, when a motorcycle appeared at high speed, hitting the cyclist who fell under the bus and got smeared before the bus came to a stop.

The motorcycle that caused the accident fled the accident scene, and nobody noted its license plate number.

The video shows the rescuers collecting the flattened remains and loading them into the notorious Brazilian plastic coffin.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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39 thoughts on “Teenager Flattened by School Bus Gets Loaded Into Plastic Coffin”

      1. yes it’s good to see that the bike is ok… I would have hated to see anything happen to that bike… now at least the family can resell it …do you think they will tell the new owner that the last guy to ride that bike got squished???

  1. I know he’s dead, but I can’t help feeling the responders didn’t have to throw his things on him like he’s just trash being thrown out. Only one guy placed an object next to him, while the others just tossed them in, and I’m not 100% sure but it looks like one of them tossed their gloves in there too. It just seems disrespectful.

  2. Lady they are just doing there job like they have done a million times! They are so desensitized to the situation that it’s no different then collecting trash off the street. But of course i agree with you they should show some kind of respect for the recently departed young man but i don’t pick up dead body’s everyday either. Let’s hope the funeral home will show the respect he and his family deserves because these kind of deaths are the worst for me when people die for absolutely no other reason except it being there time to go! I can watch cartels kill each other all day with no problem. But this poor kid just riding his bike down the road and gets knocked over by a reckless motorcyclist is sad.

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