Teens Crash Motorcycle Using Cell Phone

Teens Crash Motorcycle Using Cell Phone

Teens Crash Motorcycle Using Cell Phone

In Haryana, India, a trio of young teenage boys thought it would be a great idea to film a TikTok video, while all three were riding a motorcycle. Truly a recipe for disaster. They lost control and crashed. They look like ragdolls flung about.

Apparently one is dead, you can see another agonally breathing (my favorite btw). The third one is in critical condition, praying for his life. Oh, and all three boys seem to be wearing their sisters jeans. Maybe we will see them in one of those impact videos one day? Someone else would have to film it, obviously.

Props to Best Gore member @edward63 for the video:

66 thoughts on “Teens Crash Motorcycle Using Cell Phone”

  1. “Teens Crash Motorcycle Using Cellphone.”
    Where do I get that app? Do they have one that will crash those gay fuckin hipster cars that look like toasters?

  2. Way to go @tenhearts . You ran off our resident Buddhist and now we won’t get a play by play rundown of thier transcendental journey to thier next plane of existence. Fuck man!
    If I had to guess, I’d say two will be IT call center stinks and the live one will later become a taxi driver in NYC.

      1. Hmm…the way I understand it, you need to wait for Ragu to die then he will come back as the hotdog roller technician leaving the slurpee machine open for Sanjay upon his departure. Be patient. The 9am train to Mumbai will sort it all out for you.

  3. It’s so sad that all of you didn’t see the (quite long) footage of the three of them actually on the bike… Laughing, joking and messing around before the accident. I think that had more impact.

    But then. Its BG. So you’d only get half.

    (Now days)

    Sorry. But maybe someone who wanted this.. should step up and ‘post’ more often instead of moaning and groaning all the time. Eish!

    Do you need help dude?

    Fuck, I miss the old days.

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