Youth Die Ugly Death in Nasty Car Accident (high-res pic)

Youth Die Ugly Death in Nasty Car Accident (high-res pic)

The details on what lead to this accident are unknown. The people inside a car appear to be young and whatever it is they hit, got them pretty good. Top half of their car is gone and the remains don’t look the greatest either. The accident clearly took place either in Ukraine or Russia or some other country formerly belonging to the Russian Federation. Even though no details came with the picture, it’s a nice high resolution photo. Click on the pic twice to get to full res one. Nasty accident.

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40 thoughts on “Youth Die Ugly Death in Nasty Car Accident (high-res pic)”

  1. Hey Barb, Yeah OMG. That is one NASTY wreck, huh? I pulled up the HiRes version and I still could count all the bodies. I think I counted 5, you say you saw 6. Man, either way, that’s a bunch of human flesh put through that grinder.
    Wonder how this happened this bad?

  2. I could be wrong, but it looks to me like this car was CRUSHED and then the emergency crews used jaws of life to cut the top part of the car away to be able to get to the bodies.

    Some HUGE truck may have rolled over them. Appears to be a smaller type car.

    I’ve seen first hand what happens to the human body when semi-trucks roll over cars. Lots of blood and gust and lots of broken and crushed bones. Kind of like here.

  3. The jaws of “LIFE” how ironic

    I still can’t get over that broken (shattered) leg in the back passenger side. If you notice, that’s not the knee bent — it’s a really painful looking fracture. Looks like it just snapped in half πŸ˜›

  4. Look at the middle rear seated person. It looks like a two liter drink bottle but colored crazy .Where the hell do they make bottles that color? Or is it blood …or one of those “minute meth labs” I have been hearing about? This picture has alot of mystery to it.

  5. It doesn’t look like the Ukraine in the middle of winter as the date of the article states. Also, wouldn’t the vehicle be severely bowed at the point of impact, being hit perpendicularly by the train?

    Nice article find though.

  6. HemiRamMan- You have a good point about winter in the Ukraine. I didn’t even think about that.

    As far as the condition of the car from a train crash, you may be right, but I have seen auto conditions that are just inexplainable from all kinds of crashes. There is just no way to predict how they will look.

    When we all first looked at this photo we all immediatley thought it was a big truck that tried to breed with this little car.

    The article was just the ONLY one I could find about six people dying in a crash in the Ukraine.

  7. I said it probably wasn’t the article, just the only one I could find. The point was that I found out that it happened in the Ukraine. “I THINK”… at least the language matches. Sheesh guys, give me a break. At least I put some effort into trying and not just sitting on my butt and taking apart what someone else offered.

  8. It looks to me like the beginning of the word “center” (?????) or maybe the meaning is “central”, as we can’t see the rest of the word.
    As for the “??” – it’s some sort of a formal aniitials – like FBI and shit.

  9. There is what looks like a dividing line between two lanes that allow passing. See the broken line near the rescue workers and near the rubberneckers in the background? Look at the front fender along with the tire, how it is almost sheared off. Seems like that might have been a point of contact with another vehicle. If true, then they would have had to been driving on the left side of the road. Also, is that a white Range Rover with white rims in the background? Our crash car is looking more like another white Range Rover?

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