Texting Israeli Driver Hits Parked Vehicle, Flips Own Car on Roof

Texting Israeli Driver Hits Parked Vehicle, Flips Own Car on Roof

Here’s your regular reminder that texting and driving don’t mix. Ever!

The dashcam video from Israel shows a driver flipping his own car on the roof after hitting a parked vehicle due to texting. I don’t have any more detailed backinfo, but I do like the “Woah Woah Woah wheet…” part.

Shout out to our Israeli Best Gore member @angelzion for being good sport with us 馃檪

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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58 thoughts on “Texting Israeli Driver Hits Parked Vehicle, Flips Own Car on Roof”

      1. The problem with texting in Hebrew, is …
        砖拽 诇讬 讘转讞转 拽专诇讜住 …
        looks so much like…
        砖拽 诇讬 讘转讞转 拽讗专谉 …
        but, what they really want to say is…
        讗爪讟专讱 讛驻住讟专诪讛 …
        Oy vey!

        1. Chassis are old school vehicles and modern trucks it’s the platform where they built the rest of the car on. Unibody is the modern car where there is no chassis frame the whole car basically is one piece of metal. The problem with this unibodies is that if you get hit in whatever part of the car the whole car is gone get uneven. Where as a chassis framed car can take more pain without being affected as much. Thats what I think without doing scientific research on the matter.

  1. Reminds me of the Uber from hell I was in last week. Indian couldn’t see shit. I’m like whoa. He swirves. Tells me potholes everywhere. I’m like potholes. I live here haven’t seen one. Now I’m bestgoring him all up on his driving. He was approaching parked cars and right before he hit them he then saw them and would Swirve!!!TG i MADE it OUT Unscaved. Frigggggggen Indian

        1. @despy. LMFAO. Hahah yes I was typing under the desk. People here prob think I’m watching porn. Leave me alone I’m watching GORN !! funny you say this. A co worker asked what I was watching last week. It was THAT machete one chop Brazil beheading. I explained it’s reality news. He insisted SO I pulled my phone from under the desk. He watched it!! Puked everywhere. I forget that not many people have a stomach for it. So my GORN is at an all time top secret at work. Sick FUCK I am. Babahaashahhshshshbshshshshshhshahshzhshsisjwusbwbshhhsnsnwjsnsns. Lol

      1. There are people who are exemplary drivers that can text and drive super low key.
        Nobody would know about it probably not even passengers inside this texting driver’s car would know it.
        But on the real…..I would say 99% of drivers cannot afford to text while driving, but tbh the real percentage would have to be explored in the decimals of the remaining 1%. Something like 99.9% of drivers can’t multitask behind the wheel in motion.
        I assume from what I experience and what I see or don’t see..

        1. @suraj-adh (Curry.Muncher)

          It’s a camera that’s mounted to the dashboard and stays in the car. From what I’ve read (I’ve never used one myself) some film all the time, some only when the car is on, and some film but only save if it registers a collision. There are countries (Russia is one that springs to mind) that require dashcams on all vehicles because insurance scams were happening so often.

          1. @Curry.Muncher >>>>>>>> A dashcam is a useful warning device, when the film from Russian cars is used in conjunction with Youtube (Youtube is a site where people can share their own videos with other people on the internet). The message – stay the hell off of Russian roads if you value your life!

  2. Obvious joke:

    Did anyone spot the soul that came out from the car shortly (whether this was non-fatal or fatal somehow)? The soul said “Bestgore.com” and it could only mean one thing, this israelian must a Bestgore member!

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