Texting and Driving Results in Overturned Vehicle

Texting and Driving Results in Overturned Vehicle

We’ve just had a video on Best Gore in which a driver overturned the vehicle due to reckless driving. This one managed to do the same due to distracted driving. Both were caught on dashcam by a car driving behind them, but while the previous one was from Poland, this one is from Russia.

The driver of this car was reportedly texted on the phone while driving and with attention on the telephone’s screen, the car swung sideways, went up a slope and overturned. Too bad there wasn’t a sharp downhill abyss like on the Road of Death in Bolivia instead. The world could do with one less texting while driving idiot.

One person was ejected during the overturn, but people who rushed to help the trapped passengers deserve major props. It would not have happened in China.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Stupid fuckers, since we’ve had so many dashcam videos from Russia lately, i think DWR should be added to our list of things that should be banned. But, then again, it would cause us to miss out on some great bestgore material!!!

  2. Trees save lives. I was in single digits when I had my first gore experience witch could have been much worse had a tree not been sacrificed.

    Cops had a nice mobile shootout with a would be robber who turned down my residential street and was subsequently shot in the head by pursuing law enforcement while making a getaway. My sister saw headlights bearing down into her room when the SUV struck a tree in our yard. The tree was uprooted but stoped the rogue truck from installing an additional garage in my sisters room.

    Bullet holes were riddled in a gas station car wash and some condos on the corner where the shootout started. Some officers lost their jobs.

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