Thai Female on Scooter Run Over by Truck

Thai Female on Scooter Run Over by Truck

I gotta be honest guys, you don’t know how badly I was tempted to use the first line of the translation below as the title for this post. We’ve got another DWA here. This time, a Thai woman on a scooter was run over and crushed by a semi truck on the Pattaya Beach Road highway after she attempted to pass it. The woman was dead on the scene with her leg ripped and twisted out of shape.

Nameless woman was ten deaths over the long haul.” Posted at 07:53 pm. (27-3-58). Radio command center Foundation diamond halo Dragon Rescue Chon notified that a truck accident, wheels collided with a motorcycle have died. Pass incoming Pattaya Beach Road in front of me. I am a little edge Oxygen M.1. Dist., Muang, Chonburi. Thus speeding volunteer monitoring.

……. At the scene found Hino trucks registered under the car in front 85-1118 Chonburi find motorcycle, Honda Wave 110 i red on black plate B 128 f Bangkok by car. pressing the deceased As one woman, aged approximately 50 years old, wearing a navy blue short. Wearing a black coat Search in documents and any property found with wounds on the body. Leg bones protruding outside the body.

Died at the scene ……. Ask the witness recalled. The deceased was riding Motorcycle on the right side of the truck. Then cut to the left front truck. In passing, making the driver. Invisible hit over the dead body dragging on the road far more than a hundred meters. I heard that the subject is under the car is parked, it was found that he was towing the motorcycle and died from it. Dragon Rescue Team Chonburi …… This helps break the car Motorcycle leading figures who have died out, and then synchronize the police. And the medical examiner to investigate.

Collect evidence at the scene of a car. Area 401 wrapped bodies of the deceased. Submission Forensics Hospital waiting relatives to Bangkok. If you suspect that a relative or an acquaintance. You can request a corpse on hospital Chonburi. “Lang Inside” report.

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