Thai Man Actually Survives a Road Accident

Thai Man Actually Survives a Road Accident

Road accidents and Thailand seem to go hand in hand. We here at Best Gore have seen our fair share of vehicles and their operators merging with one another to form gruesome art, leaving human body parts spread across the roadside and generally reducing the human form into little more than a chunky smear on the asphalt. Best Gore knows Thailand and Thailand knows brutal roadside carnage.

This time, however, a man has survived a head on collision. Looks like he just barely escaped becoming another smashed statistic although his legs seem to be a little worse for wear.

sedan crashed into a power pole in front Udomrat lumber Bang Bua Thong
Road 340 – Dist. Km. Hurt 55-56 1 male officers help local police secure
the scene of Bang Bang.

Looks like he will live to die another day. Bang Bang.

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    1. He is lucky to have survived to find a girl who will promise to love him for long time and after she betrayed him with a dutch tourist he will hang himself just to be found in a hotel putrefying at the same time that the dutch tourist commits suicide by putting five bullets into his brain and falling from the 23th floor of a building.
      Don’t ask me about the girl, just do your own research, damn!

  1. This man lived because unlike most Thai people he has a pre-deployed airbag. He must be a tourist or a politician cause the only thing that fat in Thailand is the Buddha’s.

    1. Final Destination 6 (pre-editing; release due March 2015)

      Eric Pickles (Tuk Tuk) survivor of a low speed car crash learns that there is no way you can cheat Death.

      Filmed in beautiful Thailand between the hotels and the sea, the film features Robert Gwilym (Hook 31) as paramedic and corpse retriever.

      Will Tuk Tuk be discovered as a bloated bloater, will he be lured, unsuspectingly, to a high rise by the promise of a pork pie, or will he take life, and Death, into his own hands with a chilling, and wobbly, ride into thrilling Bangkok without a crash helmet.

      Also stars Flip Flop and Thomas Pink.

  2. The rescue teams logo indicates that this took place in Suphanburi. I’ve been there twice myself, nice quiet province which still keeps to a lot of the old ways. Rivers are surprisingly clean, went diving for clam and fish, that’s what I had for lunch and dinner for a week lol.

    Aside from that, wearing a pink shirt or a yellow wrist band indicates loyalty towards the monarchy. Pink I think is the color of the Kings mother or the princess and is usually worn on a Tuesday. They are both respected. Yellow is the color of the king.

    Or he can just be a confident man who goes out wearing pink 🙂

        1. It’s not going to happen @nasty, you know that. I personally don’t blame the Scots for trying, or some of them at least, but, there’s more chance of this Thai guys car doing a Christine and driving off into the sunset, than there is of Scotland becoming an autonomous sovereign state independent of the Union, which, by the way, as we English know all too well, has benefited Scotland a hell of a lot more than any Scot would care to admit, but, I suppose that’s by the by.

  3. Where’s the David Haines beheading video? I cannot seem to find and and had hoped it would be on bestgore… Mostly curious whether it’s a real beheading video this time or another low budget edited ISIS movie trailer?

    Sorry for being off topic in advance…

  4. I’ve noticed that no matter the speed, be it 2 mph or 220 mph, car, scooter, motorcycle or bike, Thai’s seem to explode upon impact usually with enough force that the blast radius is pretty amazing.
    This man can not be a Thai.
    He did not follow the common Thai body physics of explosion from the slightest bump.

  5. Well you can tell by the way
    my body is splayed
    on the bloody road
    I’m a Thai man
    pointers point and
    the flip flops fly
    no time to turn
    It’s time to die
    but it’s all right it’s ok
    you might look the other way
    it’s all right it’s ok
    The modern Pattaya effect on men.
    Whether you like gore
    or whether your ass is sore
    Thais are staying alive, staying alive
    ouch ouch ouch ouch
    Thais are staying aliiiiiive aliiiive


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