Thai Man is Nearly Cut in Half After Car Wreck

Thai Man is Nearly Cut in Half After Car Wreck

A man was involved in a car wreck that tossed him into a half finished building, hitting a support and nearly ripped him half. I don’t know if he was in the car or if he was struck by the car, but no human being is doing that amount of damage to a car so it seems more like the car had driven into the building and then hit the man. Little hard to establish the scene as the translation offers very little although it implies that the driver fled the scene.

Lack of housing almost crash

Saloon bar people tipsy 40 mortar. Tiwanon Road area. Incoming five-Pak kret, Pak kret, before splitting up to five separate 500-meter swim at nearby. Introduction of Honda Civic sedan was found blue racing costume 4 registration conditions khasi bath 4270 Bangkok bars to smash masonry construction, warning. Thophai car crash crumpled The driver fall off car body fire pole strike nearly killed one man missing. Officials brought the dead send Forensic Institute.

He just wanted to go for a 500 meter swim.

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