Thai Motorcyclist is Cut in Half , Leaves Long Smear on the Road

Thai Motorcyclist is Cut in Half , Leaves Long Smear on the Road

A motorcyclist was cut in half after being run over by an 18 wheeler in Thailand, leaving an epicly gruesome chunk of meat behind and quite a long smear of blood and other assorted bodily juices. Unfortunately, while his helmet was able to protect his skull and brains, there’s little that can be done when hit by a vehicle that can weigh up to to 80,000 pounds or more moving at seventy miles an hour. Total annihilation. The pics aren’t the greatest quality but they portray their message; The laws of physics brake for no one. You can be the best driver in the world, but that wont save you from the freak accident, the irresponsible drunk driver or the self-centered asshole in a hurry.

Translation is kind of funny, although it makes it sound like the motorcyclist hit a cement truck and then the 18 wheeler, but the images seem to show that he was struck and drug only by the semi which looks like it might be a tanker though it’s hard to tell.

Resuscitation Center MOH notified by police. Moh motorcycle collided with a cement truck, trailer and 18-wheeler separated Hung Moo 3, Tambon Mae Moh district, Lampang, so check when officers arrived at the scene found. died unknown Male 1 Mr. Saman cold wet age 50 living at No. 169/1 Moo 4, Tambon Mae Moh district, Lampang condition to be behind the wheel of the trailer over the lack of the second half for the eyewitness says. deceased, who was off duty from his pit to get a cab to the amp SAHAKOL was home when it comes to deaths that drove her on to the trailer, which runs across the front. When is the right car to overtake a trailer while the car does not know the brand driver overtook another car, so the ousting of the deceased to fall over the center of the trailer, thus causing increased incidence horror. The state funeral was dragged about 20 meters away, but the boy who was only slightly injured when his safety.

Always be aware of your surroundings and drive safe, kids.

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      1. I hit two crack heads on a scooter. They pulled out in front of me. The turned to sharply and managed to turn the bike over. I was driving slow about 15 miles per hour. My wwomen’s intuition told me to drive slow. when my car hit them , the bike came up on my hood and threw one of the crack heads off of the bike and she injured her leg. The police told them fools that they were lucky that I was driving slow because if someone else hit them they would probably both be dead. The crack heads didn’t care. They were locked up for 24 hours and the police had to let them go.

        1. at the time I owed $5000 on my car and they done $3000 to my car. they had no insurance and although it was their fault they didn’t have to pay anything. my insurance had to cover damages. I couldn’t sue them because they didn’t own anything. they didnt even on th scooter that was wrecked.

  1. They dont do things by halves out there do they?

    Does the report mention whether he was legless before he got on his bike?

    Looks like the sort of dude for whom the drink goes in one end and comes straight out the other.

  2. It’s amazing how these poor souls in Thailand, meet their demise, with the utmost of professionalism.

    The simple fact that many of them occur on scooters, has always won my deepest respect. I mean, most people here in the states go ape shit, when they’re only a few pounds overweight. They’ll go out and spend hundreds on a new wardrobe, just to make themselves look a few pounds thinner.

    …not these “connoisseurs of carnage”

    They’re proud of their lower intestines, aortic valves, fallopian tubes, penises and prostates!! With a large truck readily available and a bias towards the color red, a Thai’s wardrobe is usually accessible without a credit card.

    …and the way his jacket conveniently opens up at the bottom, allowing his insides to open up to the cameras, truly shows the humility in this young man.

    One could only imagine the “panoramic skidmark,” if Thailand received snowfall.

    …rest in pieces little fellar!!

  3. I knew a guy that drove a garbage truck for a living and one day while driving the highway alongside a mental institution he saw a guy in a hospital town being chased along the shoulder. He found it quite humorous until he started passing them and the patient dove in front of his back wheels and popped his head.

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