Thai Motorcyclist Dies Smashing His Head Onto the Road

Thai Motorcyclist Dies Smashing His Head Onto the Road

So much for the Honda Racing jacket. Can’t outrace the devil all the time. One of these days he’s gonna catch up with you, bite into your speeding ass and you’ll lay there, kissing the road, drowning in your own blood with your shoes flown off your feet – like this Thai man did. Thai motorcyclists ride without any form of respect for other traffic participants. And they pay for it all the time. Thailand is full of corpses of people who died riding motorcycles like they were invincible. You’d think they’d learn already but they’ve always thought they were above God.

It would seem from the photos that this man did wear safety helmet. I’m guessing he either didn’t fasten the helmet strap, or kept it too loose so when a jerk came, the helmet flew off his head and he crashed onto the concrete road head first without head protection. He paid the ultimate price.

It would further seem from the photos that the motorcycle didn’t fly too far away from the crash site and doesn’t seem to be very damaged. It almost seems as though he just clipped the curb and lost balance falling to the ground. Perhaps he wasn’t wearing the helmet to begin with and merely had it dangling off the handle bars like you see them do in Thailand often. Maybe he didn’t want to wear helmet because he wasn’t going too far or maybe being a Thai he just felt that nothing could touch him so wearing a helmet would feel too degrading.

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5 thoughts on “Thai Motorcyclist Dies Smashing His Head Onto the Road”

  1. My first question. Why does he still appear to be in the position he crashed in? Didn’t anyone bother to go check and see if he still has vital signs? Kudos to the law/traffic/emergency team at the scene seen on the last picture. How the hell do you check a person’s vitals by eyeballing? “Uh judging by the angle of his left arm in proximity to his folded right leg, it is a clear indication that he’s dead.”

    Anyway, I’m seeing some blood on the pavement and bleeding from his ears, usually associated with a displaced mastoid fracture transecting the auditory canal. Which is also commonly associated with basal skull fractures, which in turn is in proximity to the brainstem. The brainstem is the primary control center for basic functions like breathing, pulse rate, blood pressure, etc. Anyway when this gets hit you go bye bye so if this guy IS dead, I really hope they checked, that’s my primary consideration. An intracranial bleed can be fatal just as well but not as immediate as brain stem trauma.

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