Thai Reduced to Hamburger in Road Accident

Thai Reduced to Hamburger in Road Accident

What we have here is what appears to be the result of a hit and run in Thailand. The man (I think) has been completely and utterly destroyed, reduced to hamburger meat. Unfortunately there is no real info on this incident other than the brief translation, so exactly what happened is open to speculation.

# Horror 12/03/58 Because of the 40 people I’m off to check a foot pedal car was crushed in Napa lines do not know the name and the address #(Administrator Glen Tuff rescue Thailand)

Thanks to Best Gore member DaSilvaFlipFlops for the brutality.

46 thoughts on “Thai Reduced to Hamburger in Road Accident”

    1. e madonna….come si fa a ricomporre un corpo in quelle condizioni con un cazzutissimo ghigno tra i denti….un po di rispetto per la persona quantomeno malmessa….bh? piu che mal messa ,anzi a brandelli

  1. I wonder what Tai hamburger tastes like? For the sides I think I will have Toyota fries, Harley string beans, pedestrian mashd potatoes, and for dessert I want take the plunge ice cream topped with hearts and livers. To drink I want blood red wine 🙂

  2. Oh My Mother Fucking God! That is the most epically brutal rendering of the human form I have ever witnessed here at BestGore!
    ***drunkenly hops into and pilots his Volvo 480 for a winner-take-all sprint to Taco Bell before said establishment closes***

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