Thai Struck by Train, Brain Ejected

Thai Struck by Train, Brain Ejected

A Thai man was struck and killed by a train in Yala Province, Thailand. The circumstances of the death are under investigation, suicide and “suicide” have not been ruled out.

Leg shattered, leaving bone fragments along the track and the big meaty pinkish whitish store house for all our experiences has been mostly ejected from the skull. Nice death stare and a pointer, but the last pic is a bit of a winner in and of itself.

why the car fell off the train at the station died tase 1.

Very astute synopsis, if I do say so myself.

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  1. You know I kind of wonder if he got pushed since it looks like he was struck only on one side? If he was trying to invent a new yoga move I would mind trying provided I find a way to disable the eject button the brain seems to have access to…without the train or any other vehicle for that matter.

    1. I pass railroad tracks everyday when I go to work, Im always stressed after so Im Going to try out his new move tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it goes.! who knows maybe I will have a picture right next to him Doing the same move.!

      1. Lol as much as I’d like the new gore post I rather be seeing more witty comments from you on here for some time to come. We got to find you a better stress relief…… At least until the thais work out the bugs on that one…

      1. If that was you in that last avi I really don’t think they make them that stretchy sweetheart……. Of course if you ever get drunk enough to try a pair on I sooo demand pictures of that lol…. No really I’m not kidding..

  2. The brain tried to scape via forced ejection through the thin skull cuz the damn body wouldn’t obey a simple command like get the fuck out of the way, sadly the brain sustained significant injuries upon landing extinguishing its life.

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