Thai Struck by a Truck Leaves a Mangled Body in Pool of Blood

Thai Struck by a Truck Leaves a Mangled body in Pool of Blood

Brutal accident happened in Thailand at an intersection in Phanat Nikom District. A man on a bike was struck while crossing the road by an 18 wheeler and smashed, flattened and mangled into a beautifully bloody pulp. We also have what appears to be a photography student taking pictures, using black and white as well as color, changing things up for our viewing pleasure. Translation leaves something to be desired.

Horror crash fire red light prices.

Jan. 6 58 times 10.00 Hrs.
Rescue a bright note. Ban thung hiang Phanat Nikhom district, Chonburi Receive notification āļ§. 40 Truck collision loss locomotive Bike trailer sides Send me an They died instantly in the accident Nong Samet traffic light Sattahip, Korat-331 lines Incoming sattahip Rescue officials and volunteers are to that incident. I found the 1 list Know the name Mr. 61-year-old book is a small drop of 128. M 8 Wi-Fi at Nong Sarai A. ban bueng, Chonburi Over a hundred sanwat officials. Therefore, light rescue units. Draft people died. Phanat Nikhom hospital to wait for relatives to come Unclaimed bodies.

A forty truck collision? I’d say he looks pretty damn good, then.

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        1. Hahaha! I was thinking more along the lines of them thinking I’m giving them chicken but finding out instead it is squished brains 😛 I hate those fuckers who live above me! They’re up there right now stomping around keeping me awake. The grandkids sleep in the living room above my bedroom so they are constantly waking me up several times a night. Landlord won’t b do anything about it so I called the police hoping they’d Michael Brown those gorillas. That silenced the adults up there but the grandkids are still left unattended to jump around like filthy chimps.

          1. @I’ve Got Issues

            I knew what you meant, which would be hilarious! Then I had the idea pop in my head of using KFC to distract them if I were in a dangerous situation. There’s still some protesters here and there…I may have to try this.

            I wouldn’t be able to stand that shit. Nothing annoys me more than people who can’t shut the hell up. I like my peace and quiet. I say call the police every day if necessary.

          2. @Ive Got Issues – i have a noisy neighbour above me too,.. you have my full empathy – i know exactly how you feel and what a bain this is to your life.
            be strong, my friend
            foam ear plugs are fantastic, and tuck your mobile phone in an armband or somewhere against your body and set it to vibrate for your wake-up alarm in the morning

  1. “Horror crash fire red light prices.”

    Dammit… like if they werent expensive already… 🙁 Well, thais better get used to watching both sides of the road before crossing, since there wont be any red lights for cars to stop anytime soon… 😆

    1. When I first went to this page I thought it was some old vintage photos. Then it said student, and I seen the rest, that explained it all for me. These thai’s have such luck on there bicycles and will pretty much anything else to. They allways wind up on here for all to see there many shortcomings. 🙂

  2. Well, I think I can safely state that, if I ever end up, for some unfathomable reason, walking down the street in Thailand, I will head straight for the nearest clothes store to buy a pair of Brown underpants. 😀

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