Thai Turned Into Flattened Man Meat After Accident

Thai Turned Into Flattened Man Meat After Accident

Video from Thailand captures the aftermath of a brutal accident. A man was struck by a large vehicle and flattened, ripped apart andsqueezed out from the tires of the metal behemoth.

See that, Best Gore teaches you physics and even makes it fun. Oh, there is also a nice pointer at the end.

Mad props to Best Gore’s best contributor, MrsPink.

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  1. I will translate what that funny voice says:

    “Today is a very special day for some people in Thailand – they are celebrating thanksgiving outside their home. People now become very friendly: they share their meal and watch if every one of them got the same portion of meal. They love equality. And here we see some leftovers after the dinner. The officer is very surprised that people didn’t finish their meal here. It is sad to see that food is simply thrown away.”

  2. The voiceover is brilliant. Dude sounds like he is getting younger as the video progresses. It’s a very rapey voice though, I wouldnt leave him alone with my dog. He’d eat him or fuck him the minute I turned my back.

  3. Whaa , I just can’t stop laughing as i can only think of Cow and chicken.They had a cousin just like him..
    he was called boneless chicken and they would drape him over the chair so he would slide off..

  4. I sincerely regret turning the audio on. Nasheed is much more bearable. And the pointer in the end is fucking priceless lol. We all needed that!

    Thanks for posting and sharing, Obli and MrsPink! 😀

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