Thai Couple Crashes Motorcycle, Girl Loses Brain, Guy Lower Body

Thai Couple Crashes Motorcycle, Girl Loses Brain, Guy Lower Body

Isn’t it something that we are repeatedly reminded to wear a safety helmet when going for a ride on a motorcycle, and here we see two people after an accident, and it’s the one wearing the helmet that died with brain matter queefed out.

In Thailand, a young couple on a motorcycle crashed and panted the road red. The guy is shown without a helmet, but alive, though his lower body is quite shredded. The girl on the other hand, despite wearing the helmet, lost her brain and died.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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61 thoughts on “Thai Couple Crashes Motorcycle, Girl Loses Brain, Guy Lower Body”

  1. Oh, I really hope the guy didn’t have to see his girl looking like that. Remembering her alive and beautiful just minutes ago, and to have each of the precious memories they spent together tainted with that hideous expression of death.

      1. Actually, after I looked at the picture again, you’re right, only a pussy would dress like that and carry a purse like that, as if he was asking for someone to whoop his ass.

        I meant to delete my comment but I wasn’t able to, so my bad… I’m not as hateful as I wanna be sometimes.

        1. Man, I’ve been trying to ignore negative comments directed at me lately, but apparently you misunderstood my purposely sil(is that the right word???) lame joke…was just trying to make someone/anyone smile…

  2. Accidents like this usually only happen in Asian countries more than others. I guess the Asian government places huge electronic magnets in their public’s two wheeler vehicles to automatically control the population problem. Spay and neuter to help control the rice eaters population. Thank you Bob Barker.

  3. panted —> painted

    Before a bunch of critizicers sentence that before to learn Spanish you must speak English properly I will point out that this is not a grammar nazi site.

    On a side note, brainless girl is cute.

  4. Girl loses top brain.
    Guy loses lower brain.
    Still girl is quite useful for a Southeast Asian Gypsy to play with, but the same doesn’t apply for the now probably cock-less and soon dead man.
    Bottom line: females still get their privilege after death.

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