Thai First Responders Scoop Up Brain Matter from Road

Thai First Responders Scoop Up Brain Matter from Road

The fun of being rookie first responders – they get to clean up the mess on all isles. This time around, there was a puddle of blood with chunks of skull and brain matter floating in it. Rookies got to scoop it up, while cooler kids stood around and admired the headless corpse, doing pointers.

The video is from Thailand. The victim had his head run over by a truck.

48 thoughts on “Thai First Responders Scoop Up Brain Matter from Road”

    1. Believe it or not these guys are VOLUNTEERS!! They feel if they help the dead in this life they will be rewarded in the next. But the thing is they need to have every bit of the body hence the scoop up the brain poop or the “soul” will not rest. Got a lesson when i was a brain scooper myself.

    1. Absolutely. Power wash that shit, bag up the body, and let’s go. Perhaps it was an initiation for the rookies. “Y’all gotta get in there and find all the teeth in order to advance…”

    2. My little terrier would have made short work of that lot. he especialy loves inards while they are still warm.
      maybe thai’s should put dogs in their ambulances….. instead of just putting them on the menu?

    1. You just switch off to it Judged, because you see it so often, You develop a very dark sense of humour too. When it involves kids in that sort of state it does get to you a bit though. At the end of the day it’s just another job and a body is just a piece of meat like any road kill.

      1. It’s all different for people. I’ve worked & been around in my dad’s funeral homes and removal service for over 20 years, and I still lose my appetite. Even when it’s not particularly gory. It’s strange.

      2. I suppose I’m pretty sensitive to it all. I know that’s rich seeing as though I’ve viewed every photo and video on this site but actually doing something like scooping it up? With the smell damn I’m not sure if I would be able to stomach it.

  1. What is with all the heads getting run over and the rest of the body being immaculate? I agree with other commenters. These are either suicides, or post mortem bodies placed under tires. These scenarios aren’t as thrilling to look at.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. Looks like this way, the gelatinous mass would just spill over the edge of that cardboard/newspaper, or whatever that is. Then they’d be scooping again. Didn’t look like they were in much of a hurry either.

  2. Seems like these Thai first responders should invest in a wet/shop vac. Just slightly more practical for the job at hand compared to the mechanical marvels of the piece of paper and rubber gloves method. Just sayin

  3. I’ve done this a few times, it’s not just for the rookies and we usually prefer that we (coroners) pick up the pieces then the first responders. The first responders lack the fitness and detail that we use to pick up the pieces.

    Brains and head matter are easy to pick up, the guts are the worst cause they are often full of shit and can explode as we handle them. Yuck!

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