Thai Girl Splattered on Road – Father Taught Her How to Ride Motorcycle

Thai Girl Splattered on Road - Father Taught Her How to Ride Motorcycle

In Thailand, a father was teaching his teenage daughter how to ride on his motorcycle, when the accident occurred. They were struck and run over by a truck. The father survived and was taken to the hospital, but the girl was decapitated and splattered on the road.

What the hell kind of father is that? You don’t teach your teenage daughters how to ride motorcycles, you teach them how to make sandwiches 😉

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

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  1. I notice the spent yellow flip flop and she is doing her own pointer. My father taught me how to ride in an empty mall parking lot on a Sunday. Ditto for the car lessons However, when it came to swimming lessons, he would just throw us off the dock at the cabin. Good Daddy.

  2. Wow. I learned on a 42 knucklehead, at an empty fairground. The only cycle I had ridden up to then was a dirt bike, so this was a huge step for me with a bunch of bikers there watching. Not the easiest thing to go from hand clutch/foot shift to foot clutch/ hand shift, and visa versa. Wish I had that bike now….and glad I never ended up like this poor girl..

  3. Awww man, and this was right before he could teach her how to play blindfolded on the train tracks, how to dive off a cliff into a glass of water, and how to difuse a bomb with only 30 seconds to spare… 🙁 damn… 😆

  4. See her hairy box guys! Just give it a tug, and it will detach easily i,m sure. You cannot get a warmer, fresher, Pocket Pussy! Yea,,, i know, i am one sick Son -Of- A- Bitch!!! 😉

    1. Hahaha!… You sick man @thedre!…

      As @Am0ur just said – “Please tell me you at least shave it first”

      Q: Do you know what a pussy hair sounds like before it hits the ground?…

      A: *makes spitting sounds*

  5. Holy shit, isnt that a highway? I fucking hate retards like these that try to learn how to drive on a fucking HIGHWAY on a 150cc chinese scooter that cant even do 45 mph then get themselves blasted by a fucking truck because of riding where they shouldnt be and give a bad name for motorcyclists

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