Thai Man Burned to a Crisp Inside His Honda

Thai Man Burned to a Crisp Inside His Honda

Earlier this morning (May 24th 2015), a Thai man was burnt to a crisp in his Honda, after the car was caught on fire during an accident.

I didn’t see anybody whip out a steak knife and a fork, but the smell must have been alluring.

Props to Best Gore member MrsPink for the video:

50 thoughts on “Thai Man Burned to a Crisp Inside His Honda”

    1. He died in an Honda so he probably had the scent of Sushi about him, possibly even the slight aroma of wasabi as well.

      Being a Japanese themed death it is also ironic that his life ended in burnout.

      1. @bobcat

        Nice to hear from ta mate, I’ve just been real busy and I haven’t been able to spent a lot of time online.

        Things have quieted down a bit now so I should be able to post again regularly. It’s good to see everyone still here. 🙂

  1. The written invitation said Black Tie event. He showed up AS A Black Thai.
    The irony…He was to speak at a charity dinner to combat adult illiteracy.

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