Thai Motorcyclist Dies Under a Pick Up Truck

Thai Motorcyclist Dies Under a Pick Up Truck

In Thailand, a motorcyclist was hit by a pick up truck and died under it. Here’s the awesome translation of what happened from Thai:

Was notified of the emergency medical system Roi two accidents were 40 pickup collided with a moped. Who died at the scene. Et street in front of the Toyota Sarakham’s divinity Governance solution. In the city district of the city. The city rescuer’s sake. So go check out the scene found the motorcycle was hit by a pickup near the man’s body was found about 46 years old. Lying dead in the street. The rescuers city’s Sake With staff Leading figures of deaths bring the hospital. To post mortem to determine the cause of death. Know the casualties of war, Sri golden age of 46 years.

You get it? In the city district of the city, the casualty of war, to determine the cause of death. Something’s telling me the cause of death was his collision with the truck.

24 thoughts on “Thai Motorcyclist Dies Under a Pick Up Truck”

  1. Wait I need to go back a read that translation again I think I missed something……….

    I’d say he has a broken neck and a few shattered ribs on top of the broken pelvis from the way he looks in the pics, well once he’s out from the jaws of the Nissan anyway.

  2. The Leading figures of Death have this poor bastard sitting in Post mortem trying to determine the cause of death…somebody could save someone a shit load of time by just telling them he was hit by a truck.

        1. Don’t worry. AIDS doesn’t discriminate by nationality. He could have just as easily gotten the monster from the local corner hooker. You don’t need to travel abroad to get it but it usually happens from travelling a broad or thirty…

  3. The pick up’s front fender is going to need a lot of work. I hope that they guy on the motorcycle had property damage liability coverage. That would suck if the motorcycle guy did not have coverage.

    Guy on motorcycle should get a ticket for not wearing flip flops.

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