Thai Motorcyclist Crushed Across Midsection

Thai Motorcyclist Crushed Across Midsection

Body of dead motorcyclist with crushed midsection was found on the side of a road near Hat Yai in Thailand. It is suspected he was struck down and run over by a truck, although no one knows for sure as the hit and runner never stopped. There wasn’t much anyone could have done for the guy so they just collected his body parts and took him to a morgue.

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  1. Seems normal over there to get crushed by trucks, seen so many posts of this all week man, fuckin.people must be blind and deff not to hear or see a huge truck barreling down the street, maby there whacked out on opium or some shit

  2. The fact I was nearly injured in a car accident while crossing the road makes me quiet nervous with the amount of car accidents on bg lately…Sadly most are from Brazil so you wouldnt be able to see my brains 😛

  3. I just don’t get the run someone over and run mentality . Do these people have no sense of guilt or morals !? . Different world altogether in these places . Would have thought a foreigner in these countries or a holiday visitor , would need to be on their toes with eyes in the back of the head at all times . How would you relax in such a place !? . And even if you opt for a jump , the tart could well turn up and have a dick ! . Crazy country !!

        1. I just said it didn’t happen, because no one saw it! 😛

          Aside from kidding, of course I would feel guilty, I think I would be too scared of the consequences and bail as fast as it’s possible.

          My granma always said: “The occasion makes any good-man a thief”, if no one saw me I guess I’ll have to learn how to handle perpetual remorse. I’m too poor to face a homicide lawsuit.

          1. I see where you’re coming from . Doing a runner for these people must be the best option or I suppose they would stay to face the music . I mean , the prison conditions over there look pretty darn grim when seen in tv .

        2. Its too much of a hassle. Seriously, u run someone over even pure accident, thats endless talks with the police, dealing with insurance, dealing with the victims family who will sue you, spending the nect year or two in and out of court defending yourself, huge fines and court costs…u really need to wonder?

  4. Every bike accident I see, I realise how lucky I was having a bad crash. I managed to pick my bike up, park it on the side of the road and walk home. Sure, by the time I got home I knew something was wrong and I was right (broke my leg above the knee), 2 years later I walk with barely a limp. Riding with helmet, leather gear and road boots helps, but some of these crashes that destroy the human body, I think to myself how the fuck did I get up and walk home?

    1. Glad you did BC , you were very lucky by the sound of it . I felt the same when I saw the state of my car . It just wasn’t our time to leave this realm bud , plus the fact that we took precautions before riding / driving . As the saying states … Fail to prepare , prepare to fail or in cases like this , lose your life ! Mind you , even if this person had worn total body armour , their fate would have been the same I suppose .

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